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Jen & Elsa's top 10 from 2020

Happy New Year friends! Today on the blog we each wanted to share our top 10 of 2020. It definitely was the year of getting creative and finding the good amidst the crazy! Jen's top 10...

1. Favorite boots - found these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I'm obsessed! Love wearing them with my favorite sweater dress.

2. BEST Leggings - as you know I am always looking for a GREAT pair of workout leggings and these are soooo good and at the right price!

3. Vacation of a lifetime - because of Covid we had to cancel our vacation to Hawaii, however, we ended up going on the best hiking adventure EVER through Utah! This is a must friends! Check out our blog post here for all of the details from this amazing trip.

4. Forgiving what you can't forget - this book is a MUST read! Honestly all of Lysa Terkeurst's books are a must read. Trust me on this one - you will find peace you never knew you had :)

5. Impress Nails - ok you guys know how much I love these! And I have got more DM's about these than anything else - they are that good!

6. Winc - my new favorite subscription! Wine! My first 4 bottles were soooo good and remember you pick your wine and if you don't like it - they will send you a different one. Definitely worth checking out :)

7. Best Amazon Sweater - this sweater has been one of Amazon's top picks for awhile and I know why - it is so comfy and the white color is my favorite - I really should get it in all the colors LOL!

8. Workout Queen - Sydney Cummings is a rock star! I have been doing her workout videos on YouTube since the gym closed and let's just say I have never been this toned in my life! She posts a brand new video every day and they are free - check them out HERE. Now if I can only get her to sell me her Nike workout clothes!

9. Our Cabin - we did it! We bought a cabin in Northern Minnesota and we are renting it on VRBO. We are having a blast with this and can't wait to hopefully buy another property soon!

10. BEST sports bra - I mean it! It's the best and it's under $20!

Cheers to 2021! As always thanks for following along and helping us find joy amidst the crazy!



Hello friends and Happy New Year! This year is going to ROCK! But before we leave 2020, here are my top 10...

1. lonely ghost- my favorite clothing brand by my favorite influencer Indy blue! I’m obsessed with all of her pieces (p.s. I love you say it back)

2. BTS- read the blog post to find out more about my favorite music artists right now! Very grateful to have started listening to their music, as they super help me when I’m feeling down!

3. Iced almondmilk latte- a drink I found when I explored a new diet this year! Tastes like coffee but brings the perfect amount of sweet! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back!

4. Frozen mango- IN LOVE with this as a snack, dessert, breakfast, smoothie option, etc. the texture is heavenly and when they’re a little melty, they taste immaculate!

5. Earrings- I have fallen in love with the dainty earrings look! Being able to wear them with so many different outfits and styles has been something I have loved about (ear) fashion this year!

6. Celsius- AKA the best pre-workout/ healthy energy drink there is! Started to love these before I had a really tough workout to get through!

7. Utah/South Carolina- it felt so good to explore states I hadn’t been to before! You don’t need to leave the country to have a bomb ass vacation! Here is the blog post on Utah and here is the blog post on South Carolina.

8. Millionaire Hoy- my all time favorite YouTube fitness influencer! His workouts are absolutely crazy and helped me stay motivated during gym closure!

9. Sneakers- this year I became more and more obsessed with shoes, there is a different shoe for every outfit and I love it!

10. iPad- the best back-to-school product I have ever purchased (and my parents😂)! has helped me organize all of my notes and schoolwork more than notebooks ever could! Was super fun to explore this new technology item for school this year!

Cheers to 2021!!!!



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