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Elsa's obsession with BTS + stocking stuffers

Soooo I’m not sure if you saw coffeeandcannoli’s Insta story the other day, but mama llama posted a story about how her second rated artist on Spotify is BTS and she made a comment saying I would be so proud… so yes, everyone I am a fan of K-Pop now!! (Well actually it’s more I am a fan of just BTS, I don’t really know any other K-Pop group!)

Before I say anything, I want to thank my two best friends Abby and Caitlin who introduced me to them and been patient with me through all of my annoying and stupid questions! I love them and I’m so grateful they have introduced me to so many new things since becoming close friends with them! So when I say things during this blog post, just know it’s not even close to the extent of information or detail that they know! They have been fans of them since 2015, my knowledge of BTS can’t even compare!

So this is how it happened:

Last year Abby and Caitlin would play YouTube videos and songs of BTS in our dorm all the time, but I never paid much attention to them! I knew Abby and Caitlin loved them a lot but I guess I just wasn’t interested! This also occurred when I would visit them over the summer or they would come up to the lake house! Then, when we came back to school, we had about 2 weeks in our apartment before school actually started. This is when we would spend days together just hanging out and doing nothing. During this time period, Abby and Caitlin showed us A LOT of BTS (who can blame them, they’re amazing?!) and that is when I started to figure out everyone’s names, then started to pick a favorite, and before I knew it, I was a BTS fan!

Here’s the low-down of the international k-pop stars BTS! There are 7 members: RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook! Three of the members are rappers (RM, SUGA,a nd J-Hope) and the other four our vocalists (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) and their ages range from 28 to 23. I’m not going to lie, there is A BUNCH of information I could be saying right now, but this would be a long, lonnngggg ass blog post! So I’ll keep it simple!

My favorite member (or bias) is RM, he is the leader of the group and the only one who can speak fluent English! Buuutt in all honesty they all are amazing, ranging from incredible vocals to insane dance moves, like these guys can do it all. I think my favorite thing about them is how great of performers they are! They do the craziest dance moves and the most intense dances, while singing on stage!! If you’re judging me throughout this blog post (which I understand), please just watch a video of theirs and you will at least get to experience how talented they are!

UGH! I have so much to say but I think mom just wanted me to tell you guys about them because ever since I’ve become a fan I haven’t stopped bombarding my family about them! I think I love BTS so much because 1) they’re good looking 2) their music is TOO good!! 3) they embrace and love everyone for who they are and they show that through their music! They recently released their new album BE and their music speaks a lot about the challenges of COVID and how everyone was struggling through the pandemic together. But if you want to understand more about the BE album you should check out Caitlin’s blog called kalon by caitlin, where she dives deep into the meanings behind every song!

To wrap this all up, I love BTS and their music and you reeaallyyyyy should check them out, because seriously they are too good to be true!



So you could say that now the Larry family has started to become fans of BTS! I mean it's kind of hard not to when Elsa comes home and makes us all sit and watch videos with her LOL!

Ok now let's shift gears and talk about stocking stuffers :) When I was little, my stocking was my most favorite thing about Christmas and I would wait until the very end to unpack it! I don't know what it is about the cute little gifts and fun candy, but my girls say the same thing about their stockings!!!

I put together a few gift guides and I am so excited to share them with you - this is so fun!!!! And I may or may not have already picked up a few things for the girls ;)

Ok how cute are these cocoa buddies??? And you cannot go wrong with chapstick! My girls are obsessed with chapstick!

How perfect is this portable JBL speaker? And of course BTS stickers!

Loving this cookie cup DIY kit and I am definitely getting myself this fuzzy case for my AirPods - Merry Christmas to me LOL!

Thank you for reading friends and have a great weekend!!!!



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