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My Top 10 items I use daily from Amazon 📦

I can't believe I am saying this but this lash serum works as well as the Roden + Fields and it's only $36! I use this every night and you have to stay consistent for at least a month and then BOOM! Beautiful long lashes!

These protein bars help me reach my goal of 125 grams of protein a day and they only have 3 ingredients!

Emily has transformed my skin care routine and this snail cream is a no brainer :)

I am amazed at the quality of this comforter and you cannot beat the price!

My favorite curling iron! Highly recommend!

My favorite little spice holder. I put my favorite sea salt in it.

I take one every night. Magnesium is supposed to be great for your health and especially for your sleep quality.

My absolute favorite lip balm! I use it every night :)

My every day tote that carries all of my crap!

Can't live without my satin scrunchies!

What is your favorite Amazon item you use every day?

Thanks for reading!

~Jen xo


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