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SOUTH CAROLINA - the road trip none of us knew we needed!!!!

To say the least, this was the trip of the summer! It was amazing, spontaneous and planned at the perfect time where there were enough shops and restaurants open for us to choose from. A couple weeks prior to South Carolina, in the midst of the corona virus drama, Kenna, Kate and I had been hanging out and created a summer bucket list!

We were talking about going to Georgia because Georgia had just recently fully opened as a state! So Kate and I go back home and Kate starts looking at Air BnB’s in Georgia for fun. She then decides that South Carolina would be a better trip because we could be on the beach, so she started looking for Air BnB’s in SC! Kate eventually finds one and brings it up to my mom and dad, at first they thought she was joking but in the moment Kate was very serious. Basically, our parents agreed and then Kenna was in so we booked our Air BnB and drove 14 hours to South Carolina!!

We stayed in the Charleston area (cutest AirBnB!) and drove 15 minutes every day to Folly Beach, but I would much rather do this then stay directly on the beach. Charleston in itself is a very cool and unique downtown area and the Folly Beach area is a whole different vibe! By staying in Charleston, we got the best of both worlds every day! This trip was honestly a dream, we woke up and grabbed coffee in Charleston and then would drive to the beach and spend our whole days there! We would grab some sort of lunch and then head back to the Air BnB, figure out dinner, get ready and go!! I will say though, the South Carolina heat is something I have never experienced before and it was insane!!! Kate, Kenna and I walked 1 MILE, only 1 MILE to this coffee shop and I was completely drenched with sweat, I have absolutely no idea how but it was most definitely an experience!

We were only supposed to be there for two full days and then drive home, however, on the second full day we may or may not have met this group of surfers who told us they would teach us how to surf the next day soooooooo like any teenage girls would do, we booked another day!! BUT the surfers were kind of very interesting so we may or may not have ditched them at the beach! But it’s okay because all of us really really wanted another day anyway!

On the second day we went into this açaí bowl place for lunch called Playa Bowls. Absolutely CHANGED OUR LIVES!!! Kate, Kenna and I love smoothie bowls already but this place was absolutely insane, so of course we had to go back the next day, and we were seriously contemplating going back for dinner!! The food there was amazing!!! We didn’t get any seafood because none of us really like seafood but there seemed like a bunch of great places for literally anything you were craving! Dinner - Ruru's Tacos + Tequila and ice cream - Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. I will say, if you go to Charleston, I highly recommend going to Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop! They hire young adults with cognitive and physical disabilities and it is truly the cutest coffee shop there is!

The last thing I really want to dive deep into is my sunburn. Ummmmmmm it hurts, BAD!! The UV was literally 12, THE HIGHEST IT CAN GO!!!! But on the first day I got the worst sunburn I had ever gotten before. It was on my chest, stomach and shoulders and that stuff hurt, for a while. You can see in some of the pictures my wonderful sunburn line that is still in fact present on my body! At first I had actually thought I had gotten tan but my skin really doesn’t allow me to get tan, so instead it turned into a bright red! My mother then told me that I have to wear a swim shirt whenever I go outside now! When I got home I started peeling everywhere, and I mean everywhere!!

So, if you go to South Carolina, the only tip I have for you is wear your darn sunscreen!!!!!


Check out the video Kate made of our trip - it ROCKS!!!


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