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March Recap + two amazing recipes to make NOW

I'm so excited it's April! One month closer to summer - my favorite time of year! But before I get too ahead of myself, let's check out all the goodies from March.

Amazon has done it again - are you surprised?! This athletic dress is so good and the shorts are not attached so no need to get naked to go to the bathroom lol.

I finally did it and bought the Skims dupe on Amazon and let me tell you it ROCKS! I'm also in love with my new pants from VICI - get 20% off with this link.

Next stop Target! Oh this dress is so perfect for spring! And it's on sale!

And these two dresses are only $14.40! Perfect for summer!

If you have time today, I suggest you make both of these recipes! Soooooo good and soooo easy! Both are gluten and dairy free.

Thanks for reading friends!!!

~Jen xo


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