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March Recap + two amazing recipes to make NOW

I'm so excited it's April! One month closer to summer - my favorite time of year! But before I get too ahead of myself, let's check out all the goodies from March.

Amazon has done it again - are you surprised?! This athletic dress is so good and the shorts are not attached so no need to get naked to go to the bathroom lol.

I finally did it and bought the Skims dupe on Amazon and let me tell you it ROCKS! I'm also in love with my new pants from VICI - get 20% off with this link.

Next stop Target! Oh this dress is so perfect for spring! And it's on sale!

And these two dresses are only $14.40! Perfect for summer!

If you have time today, I suggest you make both of these recipes! Soooooo good and soooo easy! Both are gluten and dairy free.

Chocolate goodies recipe

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Blondies

Thanks for reading friends!!!

~Jen xo

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