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Trick or Treat

HALLOWEEN!!! Not necessarily just the Halloween part but I LOVE FALL!!! Thinking about Halloween, the soft, pillsbury sugar cookies, pumpkins, Haunted Houses, scary movies, carving pumpkins, THANKSGIVING!!! Like cmon, Fall is one of the best (because I still think Christmas is the absolute best😉) seasons and times of the year!

Now, for Halloween! Just typing the word Halloween gets me thinking about the movie Halloweentown! How could you not love that movie? I do not like scary movies but I feel like you have to watch them during the fall/Halloween season!!

I have always loved Halloween and the fun festivities and candy it brings!! Obviously candy is my favorite part about Halloween but I think that’s self-explanatory!! When I was younger I dressed up as really weird things for Halloween! Like I was a football player and a beat up ref! I seriously think when I was younger I was an insane TomBoy! But I’ve gotten over that stage considering I’m majoring in Retail Merchandising now!!

Halloween was always about finding the house with the king size candy bars and competing about who could get their pillowcase the most  full of candy!! When I was younger my favorite candy was DOTS (@emma+hannah+caitlin if you’re reading this!!) I still now love dots but have progressed to many, MANY more different candies!

I think the most creative Halloween costume I had was a Starbucks Frappuccino!! And idk if me or mama came up with that one!! We got a vertical standing laundry basket and cut out the bottom! We wrapped it in white felt and then wrapped a smaller section of brown felt! We got green felt and made the Starbucks symbol and got a headband and put a Frappuccino lid and straw to glue on!! We also got suspenders to attach the the laundry basket so that my costume would stay up! I have no idea how old I was and how I came up with that idea!! (BTW, Emily an angel??? And Kate when she was one of the Gator Boys - remember that show????)

Halloween turned into me and my family going to our family friends house for a Halloween party with the rest of the neighbors and family friends while all the younger kids went trick or treating! There was always delicious food and candy there so I was always happy!

HOWEVER!!! Halloween always fell on the first one or two days of basketball... and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I did not enjoy basketball (read that post here)! So that always put a damper on my mood just a little bit!! After Halloween, I was pretty annoyed, stressed, and mad most of the time because of basketball season!! But this year I won’t have that!!!!! But this year I also don’t have a costume yet sooooo suggestions??



Halloween is just around the corner and I thought I would share some of my Halloween memories.

Halloween is always so fun no matter how old your kids are. Even as my girls have become older, they still enjoy dressing up. And it's so fun to see how creative they are.

Dunkin donuts anyone?

I remember when they were little and feeling the pressure to create some amazing costume. I think I felt more pressure at Halloween then I did for Christmas pictures! Well needless to say, I cannot sew to save my life and Pinterest was not a thing quite yet, so I did my best with fabric glue and borrowed any costume from my friends! And 9 times out of 10 the weather was cold and they had to put a coat on over their adorable costume LOL. For the record, I did not make that cupcake costume!

Funny enough I just heard on the TV people arguing about when are you too old to trick or treat. Truthfully I don't mind when the teenagers come around, as long as they put the effort in to wearing a costume, I'm happy to give them candy. I mean, seriously, who does not LOVE free candy???!!!!

Here are a couple more questions for you hand out full size candy bars? My girls always know which houses have the full size candy bars. Do you let the kids grab the candy or do you give it to them? I always let them grab whatever they want because I usually buy WAY too much candy and need to get rid of it. Do you buy the candy you like so you can eat it before and after Halloween? Me, me, me, me.

So cheers to another Halloween and happy trick or treating!!!!



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