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Basketball is coming to a close

Tomorrow I have my senior night for my high school basketball team. It’s kind of crazy to think that my basketball career is (finally) coming to an end. Now, you may be questioning why I put the little finally in that sentence. Lemme explain why that was added to the sentence.

I have been playing basketball since I was in kindergarten. I grew up loving the sport; I played with my two best friends and we were coached by my dad and their dad, basically, I was thriving. As I grew older, my friends’ parents realized all of us loved the game and the competition a little more than what the rec league was giving us. The parents created a travel basketball team for me and all of my friends, again, thriving. I absolutely loved this sport and I was playing it with my best friends, like what could be better?!

I remember once telling my parents that I wanted to play basketball at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I was like in 7th grade, but it was a real dream of mine. Then, I entered high school. And in high school, basketball started to take a lot of turns for me. Because of so many unfortunate events, whether it be about coaches or teams or even players, I started to dislike the sport more and more. To be honest, I’m not even sure how I made it to senior night. Throughout all of my years of playing basketball i have also been playing soccer. Soccer started to become my safe haven from my worries, such as school work, basketball, relationship problems, etc. While I started disliking basketball more and more, I started loving soccer more and more. I’m so thankful for my soccer coach and the girls I have played with because they have stuck by my side and supported me through everything, thick and thin! To be honest, I’m not sure why I am still playing basketball, but we’re here now and senior night is tomorrow.

I think a major reason I stuck with this sport is because of the people I play it with. I play this sport with my best friends, the people I have grown up with, so if they are still playing, then yeah, sure, I’ll play with them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some really exciting memories with my team, but a lot of stuff had a negative impact on me! Last year we won regionals! I am so thankful for basketball because i have become so close to so many new people. A lot of them are off to college but whether they know it or not, they all helped me get through basketball and the struggles it brings. With senior night coming up so quickly, I have reflected a lot on my past years of basketball. It’s so interesting to see how one thing can change your life in so many different ways.



Wow!  Can I just say that after reading Elsa’s post??  I am so proud of this young woman for her maturity, courage, and perseverance during these last four years of basketball.  It has not been easy as a parent to watch your daughter go through so many ups and downs at such a young age.

Because this is what I know...the world is a hard place.  Our children are going to have to go through struggles in life.  Has it made her stronger? Yes. Has it made her courageous? Yes.  Has it brought us closer together? Yes. However, that still does not mean it is right or that things should not be able to change if it is severely broken.

I am a big believer in change.  I really believe people can change.  I really believe that processes can change.  Does it happen overnight? Never. Can it eventually happen?  YES!

And I hope I am instilling that in my daughters.  That yes this situation sucks, but you can do something about it.  You can take the next steps. You can keep praying for a resolution.  You can have the hard conversation. You can find peace knowing you are doing something and not just sitting on the sidelines complaining.  

I have watched Elsa do just that.  She has spoke up. She has had the hard conversations.  She has continued to pray about it. She has reached out to her friends and family for guidance.  Because you cannot do these things alone. And for that I am so grateful.

So yes, I am somewhat relieved that this chapter in Elsa’s life is coming to a close.  I will miss watching her play and having fun with her friends on the basketball court. And like Elsa, I have great memories and great friendships because of basketball.  Now we can look ahead to the new adventures and even the new struggles that will come our way, knowing that we will always be growing into something even better.



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