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Things we are LOVING right now

Hello from the lake! So grateful for family week at the lake this year! The weather is perfect - super hot which is perfect for the lake :)

Besides loving the lake, we have a few other things we are loving too...

Shoes, shoes, shoes - my favorite accessory!!!! And these two are on repeat! The ones from Walmart are only $18!!!!!

You all know how much I love my Nuuly subscription! Check out this Free People romper!

My favorite self tanning products from Amazon - use "jenandelsa" to get 15% off and we will be having a giveaway with the products soon so stay tuned!

This low carb broccoli salad has been on repeat this summer! It's so good!

Just finished this book and I recommend it for EVERYONE!



When in Minnesota, Caitlin and I went to Goodwill one day just for fun and to possibly find some UMN pieces!! While there I found this oversized, worn out, Harley Davidson T-shirt and I fell in love with it!!! It’s so frickin cute and was bought at a very cheap price!

For a little bit now my mom has been going low carb, not completely keto, but doing really well with it! It’s worked really well for her so I’ve decided to try it too!! Lemme tell you though, it’s friction' hard! But one of my favorite snacks/meals is a low carb tortilla with peanut butter!! I love love love me some peanut butter and the tortilla honestly is not that bad of a replacement for bread! Super yummy in my tummy!!

Another thing I’m absolutely loving right now is the healthy energy drink Celsius!! They come in sparkling and green tea flavors and they are the most perfect summer, preworkout drink! I personally love the sparkling flavors a bit more but the mango green tea flavor really hits the spot! I’ve been drinking them a lot before workouts and they hit the spot!!

Have a great day! Time to get on the boat!



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