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It's hard to believe that February is almost over - I was dreading winter this year and to my surprise it wasn't as bad as I thought and now I feel like spring is around the corner! Yay!

One of the highlights lately has been to watch Kate play her senior year of basketball! We have been thrilled that sports have come back at the high school - even if we can only go to home games. It's not so bad watching the away games on TV at home - I can scream and not get in trouble LOL!

Just finished watching Firefly Lane on Netflix and I was hooked! I'm hoping they have a second season because they left us with a cliffhanger. It is soooo good!

I have been obsessing over these denim shorts from Target! They fit so good and cover the bum perfectly. Target does it again!

Continuing to LOVE my wine subscription to Winc. You guys you have to try this! Remember you pick your wines and if you don't like them, they send you a replacement you choose for FREE. Every wine we have got so far has been SOOOOO good! And most bottles are under $15! Use our special link to get 40% off your first order.

Demolition will start the first week in March for our master bathroom! Cannot wait! We wrote a blog post about our plans - you can read that HERE. Will keep you updated on the progress!

Lastly I just finished reading Forgiving What You Can't Forget by Lysa Terkeurst. Cannot recommend this book enough. It is a book I refer back to pretty much daily! And towards the end of the book, she writes this...

"The sum total of your one incredible life must not be reduced to the limitations of living hurt. The completely delightful, beautiful, fun and brilliant way GOD MADE YOU must not be tainted by someone who lost their way. The lies they wrongly believed and tried to put on you must not become a burden you carry or a script you repeat. You've got too much going for you to be stunted by anger, haunted by resentment, or held back by fear. Grow into GOD'S GRACE by giving it kindly and accepting it freely." WOW!!!!

Have a great weekend friends and thanks for reading!!!



I have not been doing well!

Well that’s semi-true, in general I’m doing great and couldn’t be happier with the life I’m living, except for the whole COVID part!

The not doing well is just a result of stress and overworking and overwhelming myself with homework and school. This is the midway point of the semester and I have exams in every class, proctored and open note, stressing me to the max! It’s been a separate test every week so far so I’ve had to study while also focusing on other classes- but it’s okay, it’s the college life!

I’ve been waking up earlier to get more things done but it’s made me super tired during the day because I still go to bed late! On top of that I have a couple scholarship opportunities coming up and I’m a member of a student made fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine Golden! I’m so so super excited to be apart of this team and get working on the creative production team, planning shoot, finding locations and making sure everything runs smoothly!

Other than the stressors in my life, I’ve been enjoying every moment with friends on campus. Lots of coffee dates and nights on the town to take our minds off of school for a little bit! Although I wish I had a job to earn some more spending money, I’m not complaining about getting extra time to spend with my amazing friends! We have celebrated a couple birthdays recently and it’s crazy to think almost a year ago we were sent home from school. Since everyone realizes how crazy fast a year has passed, I think we’re all just recently enjoying the moment while we have it!

Lately school has been making me anxious BUT I wouldn’t trade this time for the world!!



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