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Holding Me Accountable in 2023 + Most Loved Products of 2022

It's time to commit more to the blog and 2023 is the year!

So every year I sit down in January and write out my dreams and goals and truthfully I love this practice! I even did a little journaling about the lessons I learned in 2022 and what I wanted to bring with me in 2023 (check out the prompts HERE).

For the past 2 years I have journaled that I am going to really focus on the blog and every year I don't. I end up focusing more on social media and let the blog go to the wayside. When Elsa and I started the blog almost 5 years ago, we sent out a weekly post. Now I am not going to lie, it was A LOT of work. Coming up with ideas and content was not always easy and truthfully neither of us like to actually "write".

But this year feels different. I need some variety (social media can be daunting) and I found out after talking to some friends that they miss our posts! What? Really? People really read them?

So last week, I told my girlfriends out loud that I am focusing on the blog this year - actually devoting space in my day. And the best part? I think they were as excited as I was!

But the one thing they challenged me with was to start going a little deeper. Start being a little more vulnerable.

Now don't worry, I will still be bringing the fashion, sales, recipes, travel, all things Amazon - you know all the good stuff (because I LOVE IT TOO), but maybe this year you will learn a little bit more about me, my family, my struggles, my insecurities, etc. Because as an Enneagram 3 we are not always good at this (I will definitely be blogging about the Ennegram...stay tuned)!

So I did it - I put it out in the world and now I need YOU to hold me accountable!

Let's shift gears now and talk about all the FUN things of 2022

Most Loved Products of 2022

I probably should do a separate blog post with ALL of my favorites of 2022, but here is a quick snippet of my most loved...

Wore this swimsuit nonstop, best high-waisted running shorts and hands down my FAVORITE sunscreen.

This Olaplex oil is saving my baby hairs! Please read this book, I promise you will not regret it. And if you have followed me long enough, you know how much I love this curling iron.

Can't stop wearing my Be Kind beanies. The most soft and comfiest pajamas EVER! And this bowl to melt chocolate in is a game changer.

I can't wait to see what 2023 is going to bring in this space and I am so grateful for all of you for coming along!

Much love,

Jen xo


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