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Where to go snowmobiling when there is no snow

It is January 9th and there is still no snow here in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Which scares me because there will probably be snow here in April instead...ugh! And when you are married to a man that LOVES to snowmobile, you pack up the snowmobiles and the family and head north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to find snow!

Jason has been going to Houghton, Michigan (home of Michigan Tech) for about 5 years now and this year we decided to join him. Now let me begin by saying that I am not a huge snowmobile fan. I don't mind the snow or even the cold, but there is something about riding on something in the snow and the cold for hours that just doesn't do it for me. And no matter how hard I try, my toes are frozen at the end and my butt hurts terribly. But I will do pretty much anything to have this time to spend with the whole family, even if no one can hear me with their helmets on (I wonder if they do this to me on purpose!)

Now unfortunately about an hour or so into our trip, Jason's snowmobile would not start. But we made the most of it and did tik toks while he tried to get it to start. And because he could not get it to start, we had to ride with three on a snowmobile - not the most comfortable.

Once we made it to our lunch spot, I tore off my boots and did my best to get the feeling back in my toes. After lunch, we decided not to go all the way to Copper Harbor because we were all starting to get cold and still had to journey back to our hotel which happens to be right on the snowmobile trail. And we needed to get back before it got too dark so Jason could grab the trailer and go get his snowmobile - thank goodness it broke down right by a road and he was able to get it in the trailer with the help of our two strongest girls, Elsa and Emily :)

After we were all back at the hotel, we headed down to the hotel's hot tub to warm up and then to dinner. This was probably the highlight of the trip for me...our time at dinner. We laughed so hard and even shed some tears (well at least Jason did LOL - he really is the sappy one in our family). Cheers to another great family adventure (and a brandy old fashioned) and please pray that there is no snow here in April :)



Snowmobiling, an activity loved very much by my dad and slightly by the rest of my family! Okay, definitely more than slightly! Emily, Kate and I actually really enjoy driving the snowmobiles and riding them; mom on the other hand... not so much! But it’s actually super fun and we really only get to do it once every year, or not at all, so we really try to make the best of it when we get to ride them!

This year my whole fam headed up to Michigan to ride 3 snowmobiles, 1 of ours and 2 that are rented because of a lil accident my dad had coming back from his snowmobile trip earlier in the week! (Side note: everyone is fine and okay!!)

So we wake up early (definitely not early enough for my dad😂) and we grab our rented snowmobiles and we start riding! My dad on his new speedy snowmobile, Emily and I sharing one and Kate and my mom sharing one! Everything was going great until my dads snowmobile decided to just stop! Sooooo he hopped on with Kate and mama!!

We stopped for lunch on a beautiful snow covered lake and then headed back to the hotel! After a lil session of hot tubing we went out for pizza and needless to say, laughed our butts off!!! And that was it!! That was all the snowmobiling we did on our trip! About 3-4 hours!

But here’s what I want to say about it! For me it’s not the activity itself, although it is amazing to let your mind wander while you’re just riding down trails, but it’s how much it brings my fam together! Now, lemme tell you, the fact that none of us can talk to each other for about 4 hours is definitely a positive, gives us all time for ourselves while still being together! But everything else just feels like an adventure, even driving to the pizza restaurant!!

Soooo snowmobiling might not be our favvvoorritteee activity but it most definitely brings the family together!! HOWEVER, I’ve been feeling a very insane and compelling need to go snow skiing and snowboarding somewhere in like Colorado! So if anyone wants to join lemme know because that sounds like so much fun right now!



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