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When in Rome...

Eat gelato, drink wine, walk everywhere and dress like it's fashion week! This is pretty much what we have done so far. Sure, we have visited the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, but our favorite part so far has been eating gelato everyday, drinking Italian wine, dressing up, and enjoying the Italian culture.

Our experience in this place has been met with hospitality, warmth, graciousness, and kindness. There is a simplicity here that feels so good. You do not see people on their phones or distracted, but instead engaged in conversations, and enjoying each others company. Our family rented a small flat in central Rome and at first glance seemed tight, but we have all decided that this is enough. Life should really be this simple.

Stay tuned for details about our favorite restaurants, gelato bars, food suggestions, and fashion where bras are optional...we really could see ourselves living here.


I am THRIVING here!

Every day I get to wake up, dress up, and show up to an incredible landmark in history. I absolutely love pulling out clothes I would never wear to school for a regular day here in Rome. And then I change into an even riskier outfit for dinner! It's a dream oh my gosh!

Okay, yes the style here is amazing but honestly the best part of this trip is the food. IT'S SO AMAZING! I have not had a single bad slice of pizza, I have eaten gelato every day, and there's bread... a lot of it. If ya know me, ya know food is my weakness and lemme tell ya I have no willpower in Rome. I'm chowing pizza like there's no tomorrow (even though there is a tomorrow and I'll probably be eating pizza then) and I'm savoring my chocolate gelato like it's the last on Earth. And if you were wondering, yes, pizza and gelato is all I've been eating!

So basically Rome's incredible and I don't want to leave... well actually I'm really missing my favorite people back home so I'll just have to survive without Rome for a while!



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