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What we think about our Meal Kit Delivery...Home Chef

When the girls were little it was difficult to go to the grocery store.  It usually involved me threatening them in some way, succumbing to whatever they wanted to put in the grocery cart, and eventually leaving the grocery store feeling like I had failed as a mother.  Back then I used Peapod (grocery delivery service) to avoid taking them to the grocery store with me...pretty sure it was cheaper than therapy.

Now that my girls are older I can go to the grocery store in peace, however I don’t particularly like going to the grocery store and I am still faced with the dilemma of what to cook for dinner.  Let me introduce to you, MEAL KITS! These have been my saving grace for the past four or five years now.

I have found this service to be an absolute time saver and the meals are delicious!  I originally found out about them a few years ago when a blogger did a cost comparison to the meal kits vs. the grocery store and surprisingly the costs were comparable.

I started with Blue Apron and loved how unique the meals were, however the girls were not as impressed with its “uniqueness”.  Then a friend sent me a free meal from Home Chef and that is what we have stuck with for the past year or so. Home Chef has several meals you can choose from each week and you can decide on how many meals you want to do each week.  There is no set amount. They also have lunch options and I usually order one of them each week because they are a “no cook” option and take about 5 minutes to prepare - these are for nights when we literally have no time to cook.

Most weeks we choose 3 meals and some weeks we skip the delivery if we are not going to be around to cook.  You only get charged for what is delivered. I have found that most of the meals only take about 30-40 minutes to prepare and they have fantastic customer service.

Please email us with any questions as I am a huge fan of meal kits.  Also, send me an email if you would like a free meal. They usually send me a few every month.  It’s a great way to try it with no obligation. Oh that’s the other nice thing, you can cancel it completely at any time.  Super simple! Bon Appetit



Home Chef… ahhhhh home chef

When we were younger, Mom would always ask us what we wanted for dinner during the week. Usually our meals consisted of maybe steak or burgers, chicken, chicken, some special type of chicken, and chicken. I always felt like we repeated our dinner meals every week and I did not enjoy that. (Don’t get me wrong I was always grateful for the time and effort my mama put into making those meals… I think (sorry if it didn’t seem that way Jen)). Then, all of a sudden, Mom started trying Home Chef and now she never asks what we want during the week because she picks for us!! Kinda unfortunate but also a dub because it isn’t chicken every night!

Sometimes Jen will ask what we want to have for dinner every now and then, but usually she picks our meals. Lately I’ve had an intense craving for Georgio’s and yet we still haven’t gone there so I guess my opinion doesn’t matter. Honestly, if it were up to me (and probably Kate and Emily too), we would be eating Portillos on Monday’s, Chipotle on Tuesdays, Jersey Mikes on Wednesdays, Noodles and Company on Thursdays, Nicks Pizza on Fridays, Georgios on Saturdays, and Cary Alehouse on Sundays.

Now if any of you would like to try and make this happen for my family, please be my guest, but quite frankly I don’t think Jen will go for that plan any time soon. So for now, I guess Home Chef will do.



Oct 25, 2018

Yes! Teach me how to make sushi!


Megan Vincent
Megan Vincent
Oct 18, 2018

Elsa- the funny part about your post is that the meal your mom pictured is a chicken meal! Hahaha. I do like how you are asking for help in making your meal plan happen:) When are we making sushi? (I told Bryce to tell you the next time we make it we will have you over)

Jen- I have my go to meals as well (one night is always pizza) but I do always ask kids for suggestion (helps take all the pressure off me!) and almost every week it is breakfast food! :)

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