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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

As another holiday comes up, it gets a little harder to be away from home!! Mama llama would always do small little sweet things on small holidays like this for Kate, Emily and I in the morning, and not being able to be a part of that is just a littttllleeee bit difficult! Nevertheless I am very, extra excited for this upcoming Valentines Day!

On February 14th, my amazing roommate Caitlin Simmons was born!!!!!! So this Valentine’s Day we are going to be focused on her! And of course I have some surprises up my sleeve! But all of y’all are gonna have to wait till February 14th to find out what they are! Juuussttt to make sure she has no idea!! ;) All the girlies are going to go to nice dinner and celebrate!! But of course the full day is up to Cailtin and what she wants to do!!

Aside from my plans on Valentines Day, we created some amazing gift guides that represent perfectly what a girl like me would love for a gift!! I think jewelry is always an amazing idea; however, don’t go full out on it!! A cute little ring or bracelet, just from a boutique, nothing too extravagant is perfect! That way you can style the jewelry with your everyday outfits instead of only wearing the expensive necklace once because it’s too precious!!

Also, the socks with people’s face on them! Absolutely LOVE!! I got Bryce a pair for Christmas with my face on them and mama llama got Kate, Emily and I a pair with Bucky on them!! They’re such a funny and cute gift that is guaranteed to make someone happy, or at least smile!!

Also, finally, the BEST gift you can get a girl is literally food or chocolate, I mean at least for me! Like cmon, it’s Valentines Day, get her a darn box of chocolates!! 1) They taste amazing 2) They’re so cute 3) It’s literally like a Valentines Day thing, you just have to do it!! But, overall, simple and genuine gifts are definitely more meaningful, just like the gift guides show!

I wouldn’t worry too much about Valentines Day (unless your me and have to make it the best birthday ever for your roommate!!!!), just make sure your loved ones know you care for them and love them!!


Ok making these gift guides is my most favorite thing to do! And these gifts can be used for ANYTHING!!!! Start thinking about spring birthdays, mother's day, graduation, etc. I think any of these can work.

I am so into these tile bracelets right now and found these on Amazon for $18.99! And I think these fun post it notes are perfect, however my arm would be full of them!!!! You should see all of the post it notes I have around to remind me of so many things! LOL

And you know how much I love this sweater from Wal-Mart! And these earrings are just too cute.

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day. Keep spreading the LOVE friends!!!! xo



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