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Three things you may not know about us

Okay so, things you might not know about me! See I would say this is pretty easy to come up with but at the same time I’m struggling to figure out anything exciting in my life that isn’t already shared on this blog!!

Okay so bear with me, but here goes:

1) My favorite color is YELLOW!!! Just kidding this is not my number 1 because there is a 100% chance y'all could have figured that one out real quickly by just looking at coffee&cannolis’ instagram!!


1) I broke my ankle the summer going into 8th grade!

Okay but the best part about this lil unknown fact is the story behind it! So I played travel softball my 6th and 7th grade years of middle school (including summers)! And I played left field, lemme tell ya, it was AWFUL! We were playing this really, reaaaallllyyyy good team and it was only like the second maybe third inning! So I’m chilling in left field when one of the runner’s tries to steal third! Our catcher, at the time, used to be a baseball pitcher so, of course, she overthrows the ball and I go to back up the throw! Well, as she overthrows the ball it goes to the left! My whole body moves except my feet which are planted in the ground! I ended up fracturing my growth plate and being out for like 10 weeks! Great start to 8th grade year!

2) The summer going into sophomore year, my mom and I took a 5 day (3 full days) trip to New York City!

Okay this is actually really cool! My dad’s office building was getting remodeled on the inside by this really amazing designer company based out of New York City! So my family went into the office building to see how the new designs were looking and I came up with this great idea to “intern” per say for the company/one of the owners of the company, Jess! Somehow, someway, my parents figured out a plan for me to go to New York City and “work” under Jess and her crew for 3 full days! It was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunities they provided me! It’s something I will NEVER forget!

3) My favorite place to be is the lake!

Oh my goodness I feel so frickin blessed to have the lakehouse we do! It’s perfect and it’s on the perfect lake and I have created some of the best memories there!! The lake is my absolute favorite place to be! I LOVE all of the water activities and our boat and skiing and living in a bikini and the endless peanut m&m’s and twizzlers! the lake is when I am my happiest! I’m with the people I love at the place I love most, what can be better?

Hopefully you learned new things about me! If not, i don’t know what to tell ya! Probably blame jen because she puts everything on the blog!



1. Ok so speaking of breaking bones...I have only broken one part of my body and it was my middle toe - yep only my middle toe and I broke it in 7 places! How is that even possible? The doctor thought for sure I would lose the toe but nope, I still have it and it is ugly looking :) Don't worry I am not posting a picture :)

Here's what happened, it was at school in 6th grade I believe and we were setting up risers for our band concert and the riser fell on my foot and somehow only broke that one toe. I remember telling the band teacher that I think I needed to go to the nurse and he was like "oh, I'm sure you are fine" and then I finally convinced him to let me go to the nurse and when the nurse took my sock off - OMG! She called my mom immediately lol!

2. Many of you know that Jason and I are high school sweethearts. But did you know that we were also in swing choir together and we were usually partners. I found a video of one of our're welcome. Can you find us?

3. When we were in high school band, choir, and sports were super fun and you could actually do them all. I started playing the flute when I was in 5th grade and fell in love with it. So much so that I took private lessons for years and even played my freshman year in college in the concert band under the direction of Mike Lekrone. If any of you know anything about him, he was also the director of the marching band at Madison - he was awesome!!!! One more video for your Pretty sure that dress had shoulder pads :)



May 16, 2019

Thanks girl! Pretty funny!!!


GraceAnn Lynch Cohen
GraceAnn Lynch Cohen
May 16, 2019

Great post! Love the videos!!

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