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Things we LOVE right now

It's time to share all the things we are loving right now. Because we could honestly write for days about all the things!!! But for right now we will highlight a few :)

Ok if you follow us on Instagram you already know how much I am LOVING this laundry soap!!! Why have I never heard of this before??? It LITERALLY got every stain out of the girl's white soccer uniforms! This soap REALLY works...for EVERY stain!!!

Have you seen the new trend with see through purses lately? I found my favorite one at Target.

I am kinda on a "clear" thing right now, so how about these shoes?

I am so in love with my new jewelry from Noonday! If you want some unique pieces of jewelry that support Artisans across the globe, I would recommend hosting a trunk show. The benefits are amazing and the impact is powerful. Check out @noondaywithcarriek if you are interested in hosting a show.

We are in the process of updating a few things in our family room and we have exchanged some traditional pieces with a few more modern pieces. We are going to paint the room and add some wallpaper behind the bookshelves. Can't wait to show you when it is finished!

Super excited for this new editing app called Instasize Photo Editor + Video! I am always on the hunt for new ways to get creative with my photos and this app his perfect and the ideas are endless! Check it out!

I couldn't end this blog post without mentioning Walmart! Check out this blog post for the latest. I mean who doesn't like fringed jeans????



What I’m loving right now? I can tell you right now, definitely not the fact that graduation is coming, and the fact that it’s coming so soon! But there are many things and items that are helping me get through this tough and exciting time! Some summer time essentials but also some darn yummy food! So lemme explain why I’m loving life a little extra right now!!

- DUNKIN ICED CARMEL COFFEE WITH LIGHT CREAM AND AN EXTRA PUMP OF CARAMEL!! (the extra pump of caramel is a pick-me up, not an overtime thing!!)- basically I’ve had a pretty stressful, exciting, challenging and joyful last month! But THIS COFFEE SAVED ME! It’s so good and I literally crave it every day, so I highly recommend if you love caramel and are wiling to spend $2.24 on DELICIOUS COFFEE!!!

- Lulu’s dresses- OH MY WORD!! So for graduation and senior breakfast, I wanted to look cute as heck and really end high school just really strong! I have seen a bunch of people wear Lulu’s dresses, for homecoming or just a normal day or random events! They were super cute and unique and I’m like heck yeah, this is what I want to finish high school with a bang!! I ended up ordering two AMAZING dresses that I’m so SO happy about! Unfortunately for mama llam, I didn’t tell her about these dresses beforehand so we had to pay $9 to make sure they came to my house on time but HEY, it worked out and I’m getting cute dresses for graduation and senior breakfast!

-My best sellers book, Gone Girl!!! - This book is AMAZING!! It’s a mystery with two different perspectives and it’s just so good! Like I can’t put it down!! And let’s be honest, I don’t read that much but THIS BOOK! I swear people you gotta read it! I haven’t finished it yet though so no spoilers!

- ROOT VEGETABLE CHIPS- thank you forever Lauren Passaglia for introducing me to HEAVEN!! These things are AMAZING! they’re basically just cooked/baked/fried idk vegetables that taste like really delicious chips! And seriously these are what get me through the day, literally ask anyone and they will tell you I’m addicted!

- My new hydroflask, in the color  Jade- This one is another huge one!! G-ma and G-pa Larry got Kate, Emily and I these for our birthdays and OMG I am in love with mine! I’m not putting any stickers on it (because I already have hydro with stickers) and it just makes me so so happy drinking water outta my clean, new, fresh, amazing hydro!! (Highly recommend investing in one of these bad boys)

- Lululemon shorts- wow, just wow is all I have to say!! I know I know lululemon is not cheap but these shorts are WORTH IT! they feel great and they are such a comfortable and athletic material! They’re perfect for work outs or a chill day at school! HIGHLY recommend!!

- Lululemon sports bra- okay this is a yeeesssss kweeeennnn moment! Again I know lululemon is expensive but OMG this sports bra is incredible! It’s so comfy and it’s such an amazing material! Like I seriously think I’m in love with lululemon! Too bad I don’t have the money to buy the whole store!!!

- On My Block (Netflix Show)- OKKKAAAYYYYYY listen, Bryce and I started watching this new show together! we heard great reviews about it and we watched the trailer and it looked great! IT'S SO GOOD AND INTRIGUING! Now, fair warning, it’s a netflix original so it can be super cheesy at times but like it’s so good and really depicts life of high schoolers and some problems they go through and situations they face! I would highly recommend it because it’s just a fun watch but interesting at the same time!!

Hope you love my explanations of what’s helping me get by these days!! It’s currently 10:03pm and I have an AP Psych exam tomorrow… have I studied? will I study? the world will never know!!!



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