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The Sale is HOT!

What is is an app that influencers use to make sure their followers can find everything they link. It's like a one stop shop. And it is so easy to use! You can follow any influencer on the app including us! Just search "coffeeandcannoliblog" and make sure you click "follow".

Another great thing about this app is you can screenshot any of our pictures and go to the app and click on the icon and voila there is the picture along with all of the linked products. Click HERE to see how easy it is!

Ok now that you have all the info on the app, get ready for an AMAZING SALE hosted by on Sunday, July 19th! Elsa and I ordered a few items from one of the brands that is having a 60% off sale! WHAT?! My items came in before this blog post, but unfortunately Elsa's items are not here yet, but if you follow us on Instagram, we will post her items when they come in. Here is a list of brands participating in the sale - OMG!

Here is a little try on with the items I ordered - EEK!!!!

White, white, white! Besides black, white is my favorite color this summer LOL! And this maxi dress is perfect. And these sandals are a must. So comfy, so beachy, so everything!

And of course, I had to order the maxi in black!

Next up is another white dress. This is so flowy and I love anything with halter straps. Please take me to the islands!!!! I paired this dress with patent leather sandals that are adorable!

And last but not least from this try on is this amazing bodysuit! Ok listen up! I have tried numerous bodysuits and have kept none of them because I don't like the way they fit, but this one is AMAZING! It is so comfortable and I don't even feel like I have a bodysuit on! And these pants are the cutest, most versatile pants!

Elsa and I also put together some of our favorite items that will be a part of this sale. Check it out...

Happy Shopping friends!!!! These deals will be amazing! Let us know if you have any questions!!!

~Jen & Elsa


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