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The BEST work out leggings and a pair that might surprise you

Leggings!!!😍😍 Soooooo here’s a lil detail most people don’t know about me and think I’m absolutely ridiculous for! Leggings are not my favorite thing to wear! I will only wear them if I’m wearing an “athletic outfit” or working out! If I plan on wearing a nice outfit or a sweater I will 100%, always wear that with jeans or some type of “fancy” pants I have!! So during my normal high school week, I’d wear leggings maybe once a week! I’ve told a couple of my friends this and they literally don’t believe me or think I’m ridiculous!

BUT these leggings I’m about to talk about will CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better oh my goodness!!

So, the first pair, my Wonder Under lulu lemon leggings! How do I feel about them? Honestly I feel eh about them! They are athletic material so I’ve worked out in them a couple times but since they’re a soft athletic material, they don’t stick to my body as well! I’m constantly pulling them up to stay in place! Now, if you want athletic leggings, definitely move a size down, they’ll be tighter and way more form fitting! These lulus are great leggings, especially to workout in, but personally not my favorite!

Second pair, my GymShark neon orange leggings!! How do I feel about them? All I have to say is WOW!!!! I have two pairs of GymShark leggings: this pair and a teal blue pair that are the same feel as the Wonder Under lululemons!! But these orange leggings hit. different. They are softer than the Wonder Unders and are very form fitting - they have a pretty tight band that prevents you from always having to pull up your leggings, but it’s super comfortable! These are my go-to workout leggings for sure!! You don’t overheat in them, but the soft, comfortable and tight fit makes you wanna stay in them forever!!

Now, last but certainly not least, my camouflage align lululemon leggings! How do I feel about them? ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE!!!!!!! I have another pair of these type of leggings in blue, but the black camouflage look is definitely my favorite! Sooooo, another weird weird fact about me is that I don’t like to workout in these lulu leggings! I love them so much and I wanna make sure I don’t ruin them, so I just wear them for comfort or for “athletic” outfits! I have never and probably never will pull up to the gym ready to workout in my align lululemon leggings! They’re too precious to me!! But the amazing things about these leggings is how soft and amazing they are! They are seriously the most comfortable pair of leggings I’ve ever worn! I could wear them nonstop!! I do have friends who workout in these align leggings and say they’re amazing, but you’ll just never catch me doing that!! Needless to say these are and always will be my favorite type of leggings!

So yeah, maybe I am a little weird when it comes down to how and why I wear my leggings! But don’t come at me, I’ve never had to wear leggings while working out! In both sports I played growing up, I wore shorts every.single.practice/game!!! This is the first time I’ve needed to find legit workout clothes for myself! And trust me, I did my research, all the leggings I talked about are legit!



I have to be honest, I have never spent a lot of money on work out leggings. I guess I always thought that I'm just going to get them all sweaty so who cares. But the reality is that I pretty much live in my work out clothes - like all day long - whether I work out or not LOL. So why not do a little bit of research and find the best pair - at all price points?

First up and my favorite is my camo leggings from Fabletics. I like the tight athletic feel of these and no camel toe - sorry but this is VERY IMPORTANT! No one needs to see that! I received these for Christmas this year and have since signed up for their monthly subscription. Their work out clothes are at a much better price point if you join their membership, but you can skip any month or cancel all together. I plan on trying this for a few months and will report back. If you want to give it a try you can click HERE for two pairs of leggings for $24.

Coming in at a close second are leggings from WALMART! That's right! I'm serious you guys - these feel JUST LIKE the ones from Fabletics and they were only $16!!!!! I couldn't believe it myself. They did not feel cheap or loose. Go try on a pair and tell me what you think!

Next up are leggings from Athleta. As you can imagine, these leggings felt fantastic. Athleta knows how to make great leggings, but they can get expensive. However, they do have great sales throughout the year and that is usually when I snag them.

And last but not least, lululemon dupes from Amazon for only $25! Ok when I heard these were just like lululemon leggings, I had to try them. I'm sorry to report but I thought they were only OK. They felt too soft for me and there was some camel toe happening. But I will keep hunting for some on Amazon.

There are so many options for great work out leggings and you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a really awesome pair. Happy shopping!!!



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