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The Best Teeth Whitening Kits

A big picture of my teeth! You're welcome! And man look at those sun spots from Mexico?! Oops!! But back to teeth whitening. Who doesn't want whiter teeth? But where do you begin? Just ask people with really white teeth what they do! That's what we did anyway LOL.  Elsa and I decided to try a few different whitening kits to see how they perform.

I have tried different kinds of kits over the years, but part of my problem is that I have sensitive teeth, so although I liked the gel kit I got from my dentist, my teeth ached afterwards 😬.  I needed to find something that was not too hard on my teeth but still did the job.

And that is when I went back to my tried and true Crest 3D whitening strips.  I had talked to a lot of different people and was surprised to hear that that is all they use.  And you know what?  It works!  I even had people comment on how white my teeth were.  

They are SUPER easy to use and you only keep them on for 30 minutes a day for 20 days. I was really diligent about doing it everyday for the 20 days and they claim that the whitening will last for a year!  So far it has been a couple of months and they are looking good!

Next up I am going to try the Crest 3D charcoal toothpaste.  Will let you know how that works!  Do you have a whitening kit that you love????  Let us know so we can share it.  Have a beautiful day friends!!!!



Whiter teeth!! Something I really wish I had! HOWEVER, with the new stuff I’m using, I’m reaaalllyyyy hoping my teeth become whiter and stay whiter!

I feel like I haven’t really been a stickler about how white (or not white) my teeth were until this past summer and the beginning of college! I just thought the color of my teeth was gross, and I felt like people with white teeth were prettier!

A white smile really can make or break someone’s vibe/outfit! So I asked my mama what she recommended and I ended up buying some Crest brightening toothpaste and mouthwash! I think these products helped only slightly! I personally couldn’t see a difference but of course they were good materials to keep using so I did!

THEN over winter break mama llam and I decided to try some new stuff out and see if we could whiten our teeth more! I’m using the “smile” brand gel and LED light mouth guard! The gel sticks they give you are supposed to last 6 months! I’m already on my 3rd (out of 4) so I don’t know how truthful that statement is! Otherwise I definitely think this process is working, it’s taken a little bit of time but I can really see results in the color of my teeth! Honestly, I think if you just stick to one way, it’ll end up working out for you!



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