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Summer at the Lake

Rumor has it that Jason’s first word was “boat”.  He grew up going on summer vacations with his family to his grandparents cottage on a lake.  The place where family and friends all gathered to enjoy each other and some fun on the water.  Some people find peace and comfort in the mountains, for Jason it’s the water.

We always dreamed of recreating that experience for our girls.  We started with an old ‘starter boat’ where we’d trailer it to multiple lakes in search for the perfect lake for us and a place we could afford.  We’d strap Elsa in her car seat and wedge her between the boat seats so she wouldn’t slide to the back of the boat when taking off….somehow we thought that was safe?!

Seven years into our search while Jason is traveling on business he ends up sitting next to a guy on the airplane who starts talking about a lake he owns a cottage on close to us.  Within a couple weeks we were touring properties on this lake where we ended up buying a little cottage to start our dream. That little 1930’s cottage had just the right lean to where a beach ball would roll toward the middle of the room.  We also put 2X4’s under our bed legs so we wouldn’t roll out of bed while sleeping…but it was perfect!

We eventually tore that cottage down and built what is there now.  It has been 10 years since we bought this little piece of heaven. It continues to be a place where family gathers to enjoy each other and some fun on the water, a place our girls love to bring their friends and get towed around the lake for hours on the tube, a place where memories are created every time we get to be there!



Ya know when you were in kindergarten and you were asked to describe or draw your favorite place in the world? Mine’s the lake, no doubt about it. I have created numerous memories up there with my family and my best friends. Since I was in fifth grade I have had my birthday party at the lake. We’d take the boat out and teach my friends how to ski or wakeboard, we’d swim in the middle of the lake, and tube until our arms fell off. Those birthday parties are easily some of my favorite memories. Now when we’re up at the lake, we wake up in the morning for an early ski, come in to eat brunch, and then head back out on the water. I wouldn’t trade my time up at our lake house for the world. One of my favorite things about the lake is that my friends love it as much as I do. My best friend Maddie and I were roller blading the other day and we couldn’t stop talking about the lake and how excited we were. Going out on the tube is easily my favorite thing to do up at the lake. Whether we are whipping around a turn or talking about our grandparents, I don’t think I have ever had a bad tube ride (thanks dad ;)). I am forever grateful that my parents found my favorite place in the world and I am forever grateful I get to share it with my best friends.


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26 jun 2018

So many great memories that continue to be made - thanks Donna! :)

Me gusta

25 jun 2018

Love hearing about your lake house! It made me smile that your kids get to share it with their friends. I grew up going to MY friend’s cabin and I will never forget those awesome memories.

Me gusta
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