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Spring Break Essentials

So excited for spring break! Because Elsa's spring break does not line up with ours, it will look a little different this year. Elsa comes home tomorrow and I am so excited to just chill with her for the week and then in a couple of weeks the rest of us are going to check out some colleges for Kate. We will be heading to the University of Kentucky and Indiana University and then spend a few days downtown Chicago.

However, we will be taking a family trip this summer to Hawaii and I am so freakin' excited! And it is never too early to start planning for that! So I went ahead and checked out some GREAT swimsuits from Amazon - I was impressed with the material of all of them and loved the unique styles. (For my favorite Target swimsuits, check it out HERE).

This year I also decided that I am grabbing a white cover up. Don't ask me how I am going to keep it clean, but I love the classic look of this one from Amazon.

Onto sandals! These sandals are the hot ticket item this year and I am on the verge of buying them! But until I do, I found some great ones from Target and of course I can never leave home without my plastic birkenstock's!

Accessories!! Ok you all know how much I LOVE my Quay sunglasses - well I just bought these ones from Amazon and I am in love (they are under $15)! And check out these adorable beach bags!

And last but not least, my favorite sunscreen! Don't leave home without it!!!

Are you going away for Spring Break?? If so, where??? And if anyone has any great tips for Hawaii, let us know! We will be in Maui!!!!



HAWAII!!!!!!!!! I’m way too excited for our family trip to Hawaii this summer that I’ve already started planning what swimsuits and outfits I’m going to be wearing! I’ve been sitting in class for the last 2 weeks or longer looking through swimsuit shops, pac sun, urban outfitters, princess polly, etc. all to find the perfect clothes to pop off in Hawaii!

I’ve also been trying to figure out how I’m going to buy all of these products and I am already trying to save my money specifically for these products! I have also been working out since before winter break to try and prepare my body and confidence for Hawaii! So needless to say, I’m trying to make this hawaii trip the best trip of my life! And here are some pieces that’ll help with that:

I absolutely LOVE these 4 swimsuits I picked out from greybandit (2), billabong (1) and pac sun (1)! They perfectly represent the aesthetic I’m trying to fit for the Hawaii trip- cute but sexy, because who doesn’t wanna look sexy and hot in a swimsuit in a tropical location where you know nobody???!?!

I am really really into the high waisted look, I feel as though it fits my body type better and definitely makes me feel better about myself than a low cut bottom does! Also the tropical vibes and colors are a must! Cmon, we’re going to HAWAII, you gotta have some sort of flower or tropical design on at least one bikini right?!?

As for the coverups, these 2 from billabong and white fox are amazing! I love the oversized romper look! It doesn’t make it look like a swimsuit cover up, but at the same time is light enough to just throw on for the beach! I definitely think swimsuit brands and apparel companies have stepped up their game for swimwear and I’m here for it!!

As for spring break, I’m going home! I’m actually leaving tomorrow and need to pack sometime before noon tomorrow! I’m super super excited because I’ve been so stressed about everything in all my classes that it’ll feel so good to just chill with my family! I do wish the break was a little longer, but then again I can’t be away from my girl gang for that long!!

So no, I’m not wearing these swimsuits anytime soon or for my spring break, but hey, it can’t hurt to be prepared right?!



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