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Spontaneous Giving :)

Have you noticed how kind and compassionate people have been during these crazy times? There have been countless stories on the news of people coming together to help one another and do whatever it takes to help someone in need or just to say thank you to our first responders. And on top of it, the ways in which they have had to be creative have been amazing!

No virus can keep people from reaching out to help one another and that is the true essence of the human spirit.

We have been blessed to be on the receiving end of some of these wonderful acts of kindness and we wanted to pay it forward. So one night we sat down as a family and came up with our own creative ways of giving and here are few fun things we did.

We paid for someone's Starbuck's behind us.

We made cookies for our neighbors.

And then probably our most fun thing was washing our sweet friend Sarah's car (can you guess who's idea that was?) who is working on the front lines. Check out the video...

One of the things I heard the other day was that one of the ways to help through these times of uncertainty is to help one another. It is so true - it calms the anxiety and brings so much joy. I have no doubt that going forward, this world is going to be a kinder, more loving place than ever before!

Sending lots of love and hugs,

~Jen &Elsa xo


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