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Some super cute stuff (Valentine's Day is coming...hint, hint)

Well Valentine’s Day is coming up and um I don’t exactly have a plan yet (sorry Bryce!)!! But my mom and I chose this week to throw out Valentine’s Day celebration ideas!! For me, it’s the little things that I think are the cutest and most genuine gifts!

So some of my favorite ideas include: ~ matching bracelets ~ going out to a nice dinner ~ staying in and having a movie night ~ making dinner together ~ surprising each other for lunch

Last year Bryce surprised me after my basketball practice and brought me a heart-shaped pizza, a box of chocolates, real roses, fake roses (so I could keep them for so much longer), and some candy! he was only able to stay at my house for a little bit but it was the best surprise ever! I loved my first Valentine’s Day with my first boyfriend, and hopefully these ideas will help you create that special day too!



No Valentine's Day would be complete without some sort of dessert...would you look at these? How cute are they and OMG delicious! If you are local, you are definitely going to want to check out Cookies by Victoria!

We put together some super cute gift ideas. Just click on any of the images to be taken to the website :)


I have to admit that as I get older, this kind of ends up being another day on the calendar. I remember in high school the gym would be PACKED with an overflow of flower arrangements on Valentine's couldn't help but be giddy and pray that one of them was for you. Truth be told, I don't want flowers on Valentine's Day anymore, especially roses (don't ask me why- they are not my favorite). I find that it's more fun to do cute little things for my girls instead. Jason and I are pretty good about weekly date nights, so there is no pressure to cram a dinner in on Valentine's Day either. But I do love the month of February...all the hearts everywhere, the pink and red outfits, and the fact that it is a short month - thank goodness as January is lasting FOREVER! So, I guess you are off the hook Jason, but don't worry, I already purchased the diamond stud earrings :) (which by the way are on MAJOR SALE!!!!!)

By the way, I did purchase a few cute items from Chicwish too (I have never ordered from them before - will let you know what I think) - might have gotten a little "heart" crazy :)



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