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September Favorites

Well it's crazy that it is already October. But this just happens to be my favorite month - it's my birthday month! Woohoo! But before we get into all the great things happening this month (did someone say Mexico trip??!!!), let's take a look at our favorite things from September :)

First up these slippers from Amazon and this lounge set - guys these items are so good! And would make great Christmas gifts.

Found another great top from Amazon - it's the sleeves for me :)

Love this purse from Walmart.

Just got this purse in the mail from Walmart too!

Just ordered these jeans from Nordstrom - love the hem!

Sherpa for only $10!!!! Lots of colors and all sizes in stock!

Recently started watching Michael Todd's sermons and WOW! Grabbed his book as well and I can't put it down - highly highly recommend!

Thank you for reading friends!

~Jen xo


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