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Recipe hits & misses (including college food)

So this past week I experimented with a few new recipes and some were good and some were thrown right into the garbage. Kate and Emily were my taste testers and they have no problem speaking truth lol!

I was at the bookstore the other day and was looking at some cookbooks (Keto Friendly Recipes and Keto Sweet Tooth Cookbook) and found some low carb baking recipes. In the cookbooks, they use granular erythritol which is a sugar substitute. In the recipes I made, I used Monkfruit sweetener because that is what I had at home.

I like to experiment with different baking recipes and because I have a sweet tooth, I decided to see if I could find any that were low in sugar and carbs. So here is what worked and what did not...

Cinnamon Donuts! Ok so you all know how much I LOVE donuts and oh I wish I could eat them everyday. These were light and fluffy and surprisingly good. Even Kate liked them :)

Next up...peanut butter cookies! I love peanut butter and had to try these - only 3 ingredients! Yummy!

I also love coconut and these were so good. However, I did make the chocolate topping but it was too bitter so my recommendation would be to make these with dark chocolate chips to put on top or eat them without the chocolate.

Now we all love blueberry muffins in this house, however, this recipe did not work. I am not sure why but here is what Kate and Emily thought...I love how they smell them first?

Kate also did some baking and made these incredible pumpkin cookies! They were so is the link to the recipe. She does not like cream cheese frosting so she just bought vanilla frosting and it worked perfectly.

And lastly the easiest chili recipe EVER and so so good! Here's the secret...the recipe is on the back of the chili packet from Aldi! That's it and it's so darn good! We use ground turkey in our recipe, a mix of the tomato sauce and diced tomatoes, and 1/2 the beans because my girls do not like beans. Enjoy!



To start this blog post off let me just say I am describing my college food experience while in my creative problem solving class. Most pointless class I am in, so let’s hope this somehow doesn’t get back to my teacher!!! :)

Alright lemme just say, I really miss home cooked meals. Now, let me make this very clear. I. do. not. miss. HomeChef!!!!!! I miss home cooked meals, like grilled steak or dad’s spaghetti and meatballs… not HomeChef. And that’s just the truth!!!

Anyway, college food honestly isn’t the worst, of course I miss home cooked meals and healthier meals, but it’s not like I’m dying here. And if I really just don’t want to eat dining hall food for a day, there is a Chipotle and Starbucks and good food places in a walking distance. Now, let this be known, I eat the same thing for dinner every. night. Literally ask my girl gang, it’s bad because I am kinda now getting sick of it. It’s a spinach wrap with an abnormally large amount of salami, three pieces of American cheese and lots of romaine lettuce. It’s really delicious, but eating it every single night for dinner is quite a grind. I also don’t trust the meat at the dining halls… oops. And I’m really sorry because I don’t want to sound like a stupid, arrogant college student, but I am just scared of the meat! Okay yeah I eat the salami… but that’s it! UNLESS IT’S STIR FRY!!!

Lemme explain: Out of my girl gang of 10 girls, 3 of us live in the 17th Avenue Residence Hall, the other 7 live in Superblock (a big square platform consisting of 4 residence halls, 6 of them live in Pioneer and 1 lives in Centennial) ANYWAY!! 17th has a pretty good dining hall but Pioneer has an amazing one! Pioneer was redone this past summer so the residence hall looks like a hotel!! The dining hall is massive because it feeds everyone in Superblock!! And it has so many more options than 17th does!!

So the 3 of us who live in 17th make the 10-15 minute walk every single night to eat dinner at Pioneer. So, back to stir fry!! During welcome week and the beginning of the first week of school, Pioneer had stir fry! And it was so SO good!! They have this huge round circle grill and they made it in front of you with chicken or beef! And I would eat that!! Well they stopped serving stir fry at dinner, so I had to come up with a different idea. And since I didn’t eat anything else, I grabbed a massive spinach wrap and made myself my wrap!! I chose salami because I didn’t trust the turkey… They also had breadsticks, they don’t have them anymore… ask me how mad I am about that.

For lunch I usually have yogurt and granola!! They provide Yoplait vanilla and berry yogurt and it is actually very delicious!! So for lunch I’ll have yogurt and the honey oat granola they put by the ice cream toppings!!

The ice cream, I don’t really eat it! Instead I get a cup of crushed up oreos and chocolate chips and sometimes mini marshmallows and eat those!!

I mean yeah the food isn’t bad at all! But I definitely need some suggestions on other things to eat for dinner!!!




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