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Our skincare routine

Okay sooooo skincare!!! I personally love washing my face and the way my face feels afterward but I do not like to go overboard!!

Some backstory:

When I was younger, like during middle school and beginning of high school, I had HORRIBLE acne!! It was mostly my chin area and around my cheeks too! I HATED it and completely hated my face during these times! I felt like everyone was staring at me and that my acne almost defined me!

I started going to a dermatologist and they would prescribe certain topicals which would help for a little bit and then my acne would come right back!! Since I was so self conscious I would cake myself in makeup to make sure all my acne was covered up! Now I’m sure that didn’t help but it made me feel a bit more confident!

Finally, around the end of my sophomore year of high school (I think!!) we decided (my mama llam and I) to put myself on birth control! MIRACLE WORKER!!!! My acne cleared up in the first month and has been clear since!!! (Knock on wood!!) it wasn’t only the birth control that helped! The topicals I have been using also saved my face!! I haven’t worn makeup to school in about like 3 years! And I seriously can’t imagine getting up extra early just to apply everything!!!

So my skincare:

I use the neutrogena pink grapefruit oil free face wash!! (Which makes my face feel SO smooth!!) and then (just in the morning) I put on my acne topical!! And after that I put on some CeraVe moisturizer! I like to use the Daily Moisturizer because the facial ones usually have sunscreen in them and I HATE that texture on my face, especially when I won’t be in the sun all day!!

I LOVE my skin care routine because it’s so simple yet really helps clean and replenish my skin!! Besides I’d be waaayyyy too lazy to put on a face mask every night!!



I'm kind of laughing at this right now because I have a few more skincare products than my young, wrinkle free daughter :)

I have been using Mary Kay for years now and I really like their products. Here's the deal, I know I am aging, but if I can do it gracefully, then sign me up for whatever works!

My absolute favorite Mary Kay item is their eye make up remover! I have not found a better one out there. It gently removes ALL of my mascara.

After my mascara is all off, I just wash my face with their Timewise Age Minimize cleanser and then apply the Timewise Age Minimize moisturizer. The daytime moisturizer is great because it has 30 spf in it (you can also get it without). Then I finish it all off with their TimeWise Age Minimize eye cream. And voila! That's it :) By the way if you would like to try any Mary Kay products, I have the BEST person for you! Lisa Raupp is my Independent Sales Director and she is awesome! You can contact her here.

There are soooo many products out there and it is so hard to know what to use. I just recently asked a girlfriend what she uses and I might make an appointment for a chemical peel at the dermatologist. I have been reading about the benefits of them and thought I would try it out. I also just grabbed this exfoliating facial from Ulta and it's only $7.20!!!!! I will let you know how it works. I am also looking at these from Dr. Dennis Gross. Has anyone tried them?

So, what is your skincare routine? What can you NOT live without??? Please share in our comment section so others can benefit from what works for you :)

Oh and lastly I never leave home without my Supergoop setting mist! It is so lightweight and puts that added sunscreen on my face. Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!!!!!



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