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Our Love Story

It all started in 6th grade when he asked me over to dinner at his house. We were like little kids! I remember he tried to make popcorn and ended up burning it and I tried desperately to eat the spaghetti his sweet mama had made but it was the “no salt added” sauce and it was hard for me to get those noodles down (she is an awesome cook btw, just a little too healthy back then).

Throughout junior high he was my very best friend and I am pretty sure I broke up with him one time because I thought another guy roller skated better than him – what kind of girl does that to her best friend??????

But it wasn’t until our senior year in high school when I looked at that handsome guy with stone washed bib overalls and a mullet that you just had to touch and thought, I really like this guy more than a friend.

College was a little tough for us as I tried to navigate a big university and he was busy playing hockey in upstate New York. I remember sitting in the hallway of my college dorm with the phone cord stretched out all the way crying to him because I missed him so much.

He transferred to Wisconsin our junior year and with two finals left to take my senior year, he proposed. Can’t remember how well I did on those tests.

So here we are 23 years later and I am married to the love of my life AND my best friend. I thank God every day for Jason. He is an amazing father to our three girls and the only person I know that can put up with me. I love you sweetheart…xo


It was love at first site!  Everything about her was perfect.  Her silky brunette hair styled like Dorothy Hamill, brown eyes and olive skin color reminded me of a brazillian model from the cover of a magazine…..and we were only in the 6th grade.  The way she looked in that stone washed jean jacket and leg warmers captivated me and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Throughout grade school, Jr. High and High School I asked Jennifer ‘Will you go with me?’ several times.  Most of those times she would say ‘yes’ and my dreams would come true for awhile before I would hear that dreaded ‘we are better off as friends’ excuse to break things off!  She would always say she couldn’t date her best friend.  By the time we were entering our senior year of HS Jen decided to give dating her best friend another chance and it led to my best year in HS!

College was difficult for us.  She wanted a big school so went to Wisconsin and I wanted to play hockey so I went to upstate NY.  That freshman year was tough as we gave seeing other people a try but it wasn’t the same.  Our Sophmore year in college we decided to see each other long distance and somehow worked it out until I transferred to Madison to complete my college education.

I couldn’t wait any longer and proposed to Jen my senior year at Madison.  It’s been 23 of the best years of my life.  She’s the perfect mother of our 3 beautiful daughters, the Christian rock of our family and gives me more grace than I deserve.  

#Stillpinchingmyself that I finally got her….so gonna hang on to her forever!!


I can’t say I’ve never heard my parents’ love story. Whenever someone asks my mom or dad how they met each other it’s the same response each time, “We were high school sweethearts”! I’ve heard so many versions of their love story and usually, every time I hear it, new details are described. The first time I heard the full story was at one of my birthday parties in middle school up at our lake house. It was my parents’ anniversary and all of my friends wanted to know how they met. So, my mom explained how she fell for my dad’s mullet and my dad described how my mom broke up with him 13 times. Needless to say, their love story is truly from a fairytale. Since hearing their love story, it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to create a love story just like theirs. I have realized throughout the years of middle school heartbreak and secret crushes that that one is up to God! But, right now, I can’t thank Him enough for my incredible boyfriend!



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