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Our Go-To Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks (and snacks in general!) My absolute favorite things!! On a lil side note: I was talking to one of my friends the other day and we were talking about what we eat in the dining hall! She was saying that she’s much more of a meal girl than of a snack girl, and I’m the complete opposite!! I would much rather have a vanilla Greek yogurt with granola and a side of almonds and fruit for lunch, than a full meal at the dining hall!

Going off of that, I have created a list of some super yummy snacks that I’ve been munching on this semester! Forwarning though, I’m trying to be a healthy queen this semester so my snacks are on the healthier side! But don’t be fooled, I’m still a sucker for Cookies and Cream pop tarts, Doritos, puppy chow, literally any dessert!

To start this off, we will begin with the iconic yogurt and granola, something kate and emily and I have been obsessed with for years!! Here, I get vanilla Greek yogurt cups and vanilla bean granola and stir that up!! However, I’d say I usually eat yogurt with my granola instead of granola with my yogurt😬 at home, I love making Greek yogurt with strawberries and dark chocolate chips! It’s honestly heaven!! From this point, let’s talk about granola! Wow, I mean wow I love granola!! In my yogurt, like I said, I like to have vanilla bean granola or the regular nature valley granola! On the other hand, if I’m just snacking on granola I like to eat the Nature Valley oats and dark chocolate protein granola or, my all time favorite, Jessica’s chocolate chip granola! So sooooooo amazing! I think granola is the perfect snack because you can get that sweetness and deliciousness from literally rolled oats!!

Okay next, one of my all time favorites: plantain chips! Holllllyyyyyy cow do I think those are amazing! I usually get the Trader Joe’s brand, but I’ve recently tried the ones they sell at CVS ad they tasted the exact same😂 plantain chips are the perfect replacement for real chips! I honestly can’t even describe what they taste like, they’re a little salty and crunchy and just indescribable wow! I think it’s definitely safe to say that plantain chips are my favorite snack, healthy or not healthy!

Going down a little bit of a different route, let’s talk about nuts. Personally, nuts aren’t always my go-to snacks! My absolute least favorite nut is almonds, I HATE them when they’re plain with no seasoning! I could eat any other nut that way, peanuts or cashews! BUT Smokehouse Blue Diamond almonds will forever have my heart! Obviously they’re almonds, but the seasoning and flavor will just explode in your mouth! So so frickin yummy!

I literally have 9 more snacks I wanna talk about but I will only go into detail about one more. If you can’t tell, I’m extremely passionate about my snacks! My last, but most definitely not my least favorite snack are the infamous Unreal dark chocolate almond butter cups, regularly talked about on the blog! They are seriously so SO incredible!! The perfect little treat and mix of chocolate and peanut (well technically almond) butter! There’s only like 5 grams of sugar or some insanely low number! I don’t even consider them a treat because they’re so good for you😂 I’ve been seriously loving dark chocolate recently (I‘ve always loved my dark chocolate chips when I’m home!) and these Unreal cups satisfy that craving!

Now, here are my other 8 snacks that I live by! - clear Americans (favorite flavor are black cherry and golden peach) - multigrain crackers (the sea salt square ones) - nature valley almond butter granola bar sandwich’s - cheddar nut thins - green pea snack crisps - hippea puffs - rice cakes with peanut butter - white cheddar skinny pop

And Always ALWAYS a sucker for reduced fat cheese its!!! Now, all I have to say is I’m so sorry that I just ranted, but thank you for listening!



I am pretty sure Elsa wrote this blog post at 2am and might have had the munchies LOL!!!! She is definitely passionate about her snacks! Me on the other hand, not so much. I do like to snack a little here and there but I cannot live on snacks. I need a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because what happens is when I snack too much, I end of up eating more!

So to help with this, I always try to make sure my snacks are healthy! And I will say that I am pretty passionate about the snacks I do love...

For example, if you have followed us long enough, you know how much I LOVE my Bitchin' sauce! AND I just found a huge tube of it at Costco this week! Win win!!! I usually try to eat this with veggies and the occasional cracker. It is made with almonds and it is soooooo good - you have to try it!

Next up is Justin's Almond Butter packs - I buy these in bulk on Amazon and always have some in my purse - they are a perfect snack on the go.

Another find at Costco is Super Omega Squares - I usually eat one right after I work out to get my day started.

And last but not least, I am in LOVE with the Unreal almond butter cups AND the Skinny-dipped super dark almonds. I always need a little sweet after I eat and these two are my absolute favorite!

Ok and my "not so healthy I could eat the whole bag snack" DOTS Pretzels!!!! Enough said!

So what is your favorite snack???? Happy snacking friends!!!



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