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Our Favorite Things

Hello friends! It has felt like spring here these last few days and I am so here for it! Today on the blog we are sharing our favorite things - lots of new stuff we are in love with as well as our go-to items. Thanks for reading!!!

Who's ready for spring break?? This Amazon swimsuit is my favorite and it is so flattering - comes in lots of colors and I am always excited for ruffles :)

Speaking of spring break - sunscreen! This is my ALL TIME favorite sunscreen - I use LOTS of their products. It goes on so smooth with no burn. They have setting powders and other make up products with sunscreen as well. Highly recommend!

Let me tell you about my sweet friend Kristi - she owns Crystal Lake Soap Company. She has the BEST products. My most favorite thing is her laundry stick. Well and her lip balms, and her face serum, EVERYTHING is my favorite! But let me just say that this laundry stick gets EVERY stain out - I mean every stain! Trust me!

I found a new eyelash serum at an amazing price point and it works! My lashes look so much longer! This stuff is good!

I just started using this Liquid Biocell and Trim from Modere about two months ago and OMG! It suggests using it for at least 3 months to really see results and I can see the results! Especially with the Trim - I feel the most lean I have felt in years! As I age I am always willing to try different products and this stuff really works. Use this link for $10 off.

I have been wearing these earrings from Amazon nonstop. And for only $12.95 that's a no brainer!

Last but definitely not least is my Winc wines! If you like really good wine that is so inexpensive, then you must try this subscription. Every bottle has been amazing and remember you pick the wines and if you don't like them, they will replace it with a different one that you choose. Cannot go wrong there! Here is a link for 40% off!

Have a fabulous weekend!



Currently, a lot of my favorite things are based on the fact that the weather is getting nicer out and spring is coming! So, here’s a lost of my favorite things at the moment:

- Colorful nails- I have a current white to blue pattern on my nails which I absolutely love, but I have adored everyone’s creative and pastel nail looks all over social media!

- The brown sugar shaken espresso with sweet cream vanilla cold foam- ummmm yeah, this is most definitely it! The brown sugar shaken espresso is good buuutttt if you like a lil extra sweetness, the cold foam adds the perfect amount!

- Almond butter almonds from Trader joes- like oh my gosh these are actually insane. I don’t really know how to describe the incredible flavor but it literally tastes like the name of it, almond butter around almonds.

- Hoodies- I’ve been absolutely loving hoodies and matching sets these days because it’s warm enough where I don’t need to wear a coat outside, but still cool enough to wear a sweatshirt!

- BTS- sorry… I just had to

- Boba- OH MY GOSH!!! okay so I have never really been a boba girl but my two super close friends are obsessed with it! I decided to finally try it with them, getting a sweeter kind at first, of course, and I absolutely loved it! It’s insane and I love to suck up the little bobas!

- Coffee shops- some of my friends and I have been heading to local coffee shops more often and I’ve been loving the atmosphere and being able to study in cute, coffee shops again!

- Walking into the city- this has been such a relaxing and enjoyable thing for me to do recently. The weather has been perfect and warm enough so my friends and I are constantly taking walks across the stone arch bridge, but I always love to venture a little farther into the city to experience Minneapolis.

- Cadbury eggs- Easter is coming up and this is by far my favorite Easter candy, or honestly candy in general! i don’t know what it is about them, but they’re the perfect, creamy treat for me!!

Happy Spring!



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