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Our favorite self tanners

And the winner is...

Jergens Instant Sun! Hands down this was my favorite self tanner. And for the cost, $11.54, you cannot go wrong. Here is the breakdown on the ones we tested.

Jergens Instant Sun - WOW! I could not believe how easy this was to use and it works! By the next day I had a nice even tan and it did not leave dark marks on my hands.

Tanologist - this is another great one at a good price point ($16.99). Sprays on really nice and has a nice scent.

St. Tropez - I have used this one in the past and I found it to be quite effective, however, it leaves dark marks on your hands (I don't like to use a mitt) and for the price ($31.99), it was not my favorite.

L'oreal Sublime Bronze - although this has a great price point ($11.97), it did not seem to work on my olive skin. I never felt like I could get much of a tan from it. Although this did not happen to me, I had a few friends tell me that it left orange streaks on their skin.

Self tanners have definitely come a long way and once you find the right one for your skin, you can have a nice glow all year long :)



Alright for a girl who is literally as white as a ghost and who doesn’t even get the slightest tan by laying out in the sun, the Jergen's stuff is a savior!! I tried one color on one day after my shower, the next day I looked like I had a simple, soft tan! It was AMAZING!!! I didn’t look orange at all and nobody could notice that it was a fake tan because it was so natural!

I then put on the darker stuff the next day and I wasn’t even that dark!! Which was a plus for me because if I turned out as dark as my mom everyone would know something was up! All in all I highly recommend the Jergen's instant sun! It turned out so great and so natural on the skin! My hands didn’t turn abnormally dark or tan either! Of course I’m not a pro tanner but honestly these products make me look like I’ve never been burned by the sun!



Well look who it is again... Kate haha I knew you guys wanted me back! I think I might be on Jen's side this week considering I am writing in this blog again! Besides the point, this week I was feeling a bit pale due to this awful weather in Chicago, so I decided to put self tanner on, my moms color which is the shade dark... Now I thought this was going to go down hill from here but actually trying it on, Jergens did a pretty good job on my skin! Well that’s about it for now probably won’t see you guys in awhile so have a good summer!

my insta is still @kate.larry


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