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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

Well it's here AGAIN! Lol! Before I even begin, my FAVORITE CURLING IRON OF ALL TIME IS ON SALE!!!!! I paid full price for this and do not regret it one bit, but would have loved to have gotten it on sale :)

Ok back to the other stuff. I have to be honest I shop this sale a little different than in years past. I'm personally not hunting for the latest jeans or another pair of suede boots (I have enough!) I love this sale now for things I already buy that are now on sale like Supergoop sunscreen, Quay sunglasses, etc. It is also a great sale for things like winter boots, winter coats and beauty products.

But nonetheless I have found some really great stuff and wanted to share...happy shopping!!!!







~Jen & Elsa xo

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