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My first college apartment!

I’m BACK, finally!!!! And it feels so so good!

A week ago I moved into my apartment in Minneapolis and it’s been absolutely amazing! Of course I miss my family, my sisters and Bucky buutttt Minnesota truly is my happy place and I’ve missed my friends way too much! (catch a quick video tour at the end of the blog)

Classes still don’t start for another 5 days but it’s been really relaxing to just get settled in and chill for the past week. Lately we’ve been going on daily walks, watching movies together, working out and cooking! And by cooking I mean putting rice in the microwave! I will say, cooking for myself is definitely the biggest adjustment I’ve had to face so far, and I haven’t even put anything in the oven yet! However, I do really enjoy buying my own groceries! I’ve already started a list for the next time I have to go to the store!

Fortunately for my friends and I, our apartment complex was newly built, like they finished in June newly built!! So all of the appliances, mattresses and furniture haven't been touched since we got here! That was most definitely a plus because we didn’t have to deep clean our apartment when we got to it because of COVID!

There is four of us in one apartment and two of us to a room! I’m in love with the decorations in our room, but it was a little odd needing to get extra decorations for the living room as well!!

BUT my absolute favorite thing about our living area is the Polaroid wall! We take a Polaroid of every new person that comes into our apartment and have made it into a photo wall! I love love love to watch it grow and everyone who comes in loves to see who’s been here before them! I highly recommend doing this in an apartment or dorm for some fun decoration!!

On another note, there’s also a really nice workout studio and gym downstairs, not too big, but definitely a great place to get a quick workout in! And a super cute courtyard too!

To be honest, i think the thing I’ve done the most this past week is spend my money! BIG yikes to my bank account, although not on anything stupid, just some really yummy food! But seriously I haven’t been doing much except enjoying the time with the people who mean the most to me (besides the fam bam of course!) Seriously, even though there isn’t really much to do, and even if we’re just on our phones I enjoy every single second I spend with these girls (eh sometimes guys!)! They really do feel like home and I’m SO SO blessed that I can finally be with them again!

On a side note, I am excited for classes to start just to get back into a solid routine for my schedule! COVID still sucks but now we’re making it through in a liitttllleee but more positive way than before!! Hope everyone is well and healthy!



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