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Must have favorite white t-shirt

I don't know about you but I LOVE a good white t-shirt. It is so versatile and a must have in my closet. There are so many ways to wear it and the color white is a no brainer. They look great alone with jeans, shorts, printed skirts and of course they are essential as a layering piece under a cardigan and even a strappy dress. Check out our board on Pinterest for some great outfit ideas.

Every year I am on the hunt for a basic white t-shirt and this year did not disappoint. I do usually recycle them out every year because I wear them so much and at the price point for the ones we are about to share, you can definitely buy multiples.

And wouldn't you know that Elsa and I picked the same one as our favorite...but before we get to our favorite one, let's talk about the other ones we found. For reference, none of the t-shirts we picked out were see through :)



White T-shirts!!! Ohhhhh don’t even get me started! They’re a staple!! I usually don’t wear white t-shirts by themselves! I usually end up layering them instead of wearing them normally! (See CoffeeandCannoli's Instagram account to see some examples of how I layer white t-shirts!!) anywayyyyssssss!! I believe plain white tees are a must in your closet and the ones my mom and I tried on were honestly all awesome!! For me, I love shirts that are loose and comfortable, not something that is stuck to your body for the whole day!



First up, WALMART! Yes, Walmart is winning again in my book. Great t-shirt and very comfortable. My only problem was the sleeves were a little too long - I prefer shorter sleeves on my t-shirts. Only $4.44! (Jen)

Walmart’s shirt was great and soft and pretty big, honestly no complaints. (Elsa)

Second, TARGET! You can never go wrong with Target and this did not disappoint either. Nice fit and comfortable and I love the sleeves. $8.00 (Jen)

Target’s shirt was comfy but a little too tight for me. (Elsa)

Third, J.Crew Factory. Although the most snug of all of the t-shirts (size small in all of the t-shirts), it still had a really nice fit. Sleeves could have been a little looser. $11.50 (Jen)

J.Crew’s shirt was just not it! It was tight around the arms and the whole shirt in general was just uncomfortable! (Elsa)

And our favorite t-shirt...OLD NAVY! This truly had the perfect fit, not too long or short, perfect length sleeves and the material felt just right - not too light or too heavy. $10.50 (Jen)

Old navy’s shirt was perfect!! It was soft and pretty big so it wasn’t tight or uncomfortable!! The V-neck wasn’t too long and sleeves weren’t too long either! The shirt wasn’t see through so the material was pretty thick and soft! Literally a perfect plain white tee!! (Elsa)

Make sure you grab a hold of one of these t-shirts! You will not be disappointed! Have a wonderful day! (Jen)

Shopping for white t-shirts can be a pain because everyone’s picky and has their own style and sometimes it just feels like you can’t get the right one! I believe everyone needs to checkout old navy’s white t-shirt selection but that’s just me!! (Elsa)


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