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Mudroom Facelift

We have been in our house for 14 years now and slowly but surely we are tackling various rooms and giving them a facelift. Our latest project was our mudroom. We hired Suran Built to do the work and they did an amazing job! We would highly recommend checking them out for your next home project. They were reliable (showed up when they said they would), highest quality of workmanship and materials, fair pricing and super flexible with some changes and extras we requested.

Email us with any questions or let us know in the comment section. I am including lots of pictures and links to where we bought everything :)


This sign is my absolute favorite! It is from House of Belonging - check it out HERE. Size we purchased was 24" x 48".

Shiplap was 1/2" solid poplar from Home Depot.

Jason built the lockers a few years ago and they just re-painted them for us. The baskets are from Target.

We purchased the farm sink (Kohler) and faucet (American Standard) from Amazon.

Rugs and light fixtures are from Wayfair. Rugs are 2' x 3' in size.

The organizing unit is from Pottery Barn. Check out everything in this particular collection HERE.

Before & After pics

PS - it will never look this clean again :)


I feel like it’s the right thing to do to tell you the definition of mud room considering this blog post consists of my mother and I writing about ours. From the Marriam-Webster dictionary, a mudroom is a room in a house designed especially for the shedding of dirty or wet footwear and clothing and located typically off of the kitchen or in the basement. So someone please tell me why my mom is trying to make our mudroom look pretty? When I walk into the mudroom I drop my soccer bag in the corner (or my basketball bag on the top shelf), put my shoes in my cubby, and hang my keys on the hook, so someone please let me know why my mom and I had a screaming match about whether or not I can put my shoes on top of the locker in our new mudroom? Also, if I put my basketball bag on top of the shelves, it gets moved to the playroom, really convenient right? The other day I got called into the new and improved mudroom with my mom and dad to discuss what photo/painting/piece of wood gets put above our sink. My dad thought a family picture would be nice and would look good, my mom on the other hand did not agree. She was against the idea of putting a picture of our family in the mudroom because she wants the mudroom to look nice and put together because “everyone walks through here” and apparently nobody wants to see our family! I also think it’s absolutely hilarious that my mom tells me we could be spending the money I use for things I want on other things and yet she decided to redo our frickin mudroom. I’m not going to lie though, the mudroom does look very nice and beautiful, I just think it’s funny that it’s the mudroom.



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