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lululemon dupes from Amazon + more Amazon stuff

It's here people! We found some amazing lululemon dupes from Amazon! And trust us, this stuff feels and looks just like lululemon! And we found a few more fun items to wear this summer from Amazon. So first up, Kate is going to style the athletic wear...

I have to say I love all of these amazon clothes that I got. When people say it’s like lululemon they are right. My favorite was the skirt and shorts! The leggings were pretty comfortable too. Other than that everything was just like lulu!



Okay these two pieces I found off of Amazon I believe are absolutely essential!!! Here’s why:

So so so absolutely perfect for the summer! I think every girl needs a cute pair of light, fun shorts for summer! Not necessarily denim, but also not athletic and these pair of shorts are exactly that!! The color is a light blue and matches with so many shirts and staple items! A perfect piece of clothing to spice up your closet just a little bit more!

I frickin love this sweater! It’s not a thick, warm sweater usually found in the winter clothing sections, this sweater is light and big and comfy! Perfect to throw on over a tank top or a swim suit while you’re at the beach! I think this sweater is perfect for the summer because it is essentially a cover up but can also be used for a cute outfit while going to dinner (hopefully we can do that soon) at night!!

I honestly had no idea amazon had these amazing clothing selections! And for cheap too! I highly recommend looking and grabbing these items because they are the perfect summer essentials!



I finally did it and ordered a hat from Amazon and it is so good! Love the light color and you can wear it with so much stuff! And the olive colored dress is perfect for summer and it comes in a ton of different colors!

And of course my FAV jean shorts for summer! I have been wearing these nonstop and LOVE them! Add a long cardigan for those cool nights and you will be set. The tote bags from Amazon are endless. I love the color of this one especially.

Have a great day friends and thanks for reading!!!



Jun 09, 2020

Thanks Amy!!!!


Amy Bradford
Amy Bradford
Jun 01, 2020

Love the outfits and ideas =)

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