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We are getting ready to bring Elsa back to Minnesota! She is so pumped to be heading back to college and seeing her friends. I am sure it will be weird with no football and stuff but this girl has put up with us for the past 5 1/2 months and deserves to get her life back! Before she leaves we decided to do a quick photo shoot. Our friend Missi takes the most perfect pictures! :)

Remote learning has officially started for Kate and Emily and from what I can tell it's been good. Not ideal, but they are adjusting. I will say I lost it the other day because being at home pre-covid meant that I had the whole house to myself until after school. I usually got all of my things done before they came home with no interruptions. Well now with everyone home, it has been an adjustment for me too as I thought I could go back to my old routine. Apparently I need to adjust as well LOL!

So lately I have been having some gut issues. Ugh! Not sure why? I have made some adjustments to see if anything helps and I just started making my own celery juice and I am going to see if that works. Check out my friend Shalice's blog to see how it has benefited her. Pretty amazing! Will keep you posted.

I am currently reading this amazing book right now called Maybe you should talk to someone by Lori Gottlieb. It's so good and she is an amazing story teller.

And last but not least, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to everyone! I know I'm sick of hearing about it as well! However, many of my items came in and I am super excited! Here are a couple of photos :) And remember to keep checking back for out of stock items - people will start returning items and they will get restocked. Sale ends on August 30th.

Stay healthy friends and have a fabulous weekend!!!!!




If I’m being honest that’s what I’m trying to focus all of my time and energy on at the current moment! However I did just recently get a new job and that has been occupying all of my time! I work the front desk at a hair salon and have been working there about 6-8 hours a day these past two weeks. I will say, it’s nice to be making some extra money but it can get a tad bit boring! So I fill the time reading and looking for more goodies for the apartment!

Currently we are also obsessed with chipotle! I’ve recently added corn to my order and I will say it has insanely enhanced my chipotle experience!! I highly highly recommend! I’ve also been trying to eat at all the yummy food spots here before I head to MN and miss out on more Portillos and Dunkin experiences :( !!

Currently I’ve also been trying to find some healthy recipes to begin making when I get to the apartment!! I might buy a recipe book but for now I’ll just be looking them up and trying some of my favorite influencers recipes too! I will say, I’m a bit stressed to go grocery shopping this year because now I need to get actual ingredients and food staples instead of just snacks!! Along with that I also need to start creating new workouts for myself to do at the gym!! I’ve been training with Kate and Emily’s “trainers” so I haven’t needed to create workouts by myself but when I go to school I need to get back into it!

We are also currently buying lots and lots of things for myself!!! 👀 Usually I’m not the type to spend all of my money but with my new job I’ve been able to get a couple items I’ve been wanting for a while!! For example, this lululemon crossbody bag and a pair of Nike sneakers for back to school! I’m not gonna lie, I managed my money pretty well this summer but it feels really good to buy things you’ve been wanting for awhile!!!!!

I hope everyone’s been having fun getting into the back to school spirit!! I know I’m way too excited to go back, corona has taken up enough of my time!!!!!



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