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Jen & Elsa's Essentials

Hellloooo I’m back! I know you missed me but mama llama had a bit of a blog takeover, rightfully so, I’m still trying to figure out my daily schedule with online classes, so I appreciate Jen taking over for a bit!! But now that I’m back, I’m super excited to be talking about essentials because I have added MANY new ones into my daily routine!!

First, let’s talk about food, my personal favorite!

- New essential: OATMEAL

And wow has this one been a game changer! I used to not enjoy oatmeal AT ALL, like at all, ask my family or my old roomie Caitlin!! Buuttt with a little encouragement from my roomie Pooks and some actual recipes I followed, I have become a lover of oatmeal! And when I say lover, I mean daily, I eat this meal every. single. day.

I… speechless. I can’t even explain the taste of this heavenly, magical drink! I will give props to my sweet friend Hannah for this one! But it’s my new Starbucks order and it has changed my life. Period.

Now, on to clothing!!

Incredible, that’s all I have to say. I received them as a birthday gift this year and I couldn’t be more grateful because they have channngggeeddd the game of some of my outfits!! I think a good pair of Doc Martens is needed in everyone’s closet, whether it be for fall/winter looks or to pair with a cute dress in the summer!

- Sweatshirts

I have 24+ of them. I feel like I don’t really need to explain this one, they are just absolutely essential to my every-day wardrobe, no matter what season it is!

I am in love with these pants!! I got them last summer in free people, on sale with an extra 25% off! To say the least, it was a good day! These pants are perfect because I can dress them up or down and they can be worn in whatever temperature you want them to be worn! They’re high- waisted and scrunched at the waist, they are the most perfect pants!

Every-Day Items!

Best. Technological. Purchase. Ever!! I use my iPad for everything! However, it has been the best purchase related to school I’ve ever made (with some help from jen and jason ;)) It’s very stress-free and I don’t have to carry a bunch of notebooks with me everywhere (I like separating my classes by notebooks!) It’s so incredibly nice to have everything right where I need it and be able to take notes on it too!! I love love love it, it is most definitely essential in my life right now!

Nothing new here, BUT I realized how essential this necklace is to me after breaking it and not being able to wear it for about 3-4 weeks!! I wear it everyday, never take it off and I seriously felt like something was missing from me when I didn’t have it on! Its super duper special to me and I always feel like special jewelry is the best jewelry!

Yeah, it is my, technical, first-ever “purse” and I love it! Its a small little square and its perfect for the types of activities I’m doing when I leave the apartment like grocery shopping, coffee run or heading to the bookstore! Its not too big where I feel obnoxious carrying it around, it is literally the perfect sized purse that fits all of my essentials for when I leave, like my wallet, keys and sunglasses!!

Honestly, these items/pieces of food is what I’m living off of these days! So happy I can be back, sharing with you guys what my every day life is now consisting of!! Happy almost Halloween!



Hello friends! So I started making a list of my essentials and then realized this would be the longest blog post EVER, so I tried really hard and narrowed it down to a few MUST HAVES :)

So let's start with the obvious - FASHION!

Faux leather leggings! I have been styling these a lot lately and it just gives a little edge to ANY look. The Spanx brand is very popular, however, I found a pair at Nordstrom that I actually like better and for less.

The tank top I wear on repeat! I almost have every single color! And at $8, well you clearly cannot go wrong!

Next up - SHOES! As many of you know these sandals were my go-to all summer and I will be dressing up these boots all fall/winter :)

And for sure my Nuuly subscription! Enough said on that :) Click here for $10 off.

And lastly, I cannot live without my Five-Minute Journal and my Bitchin' Sauce that I literally put on EVERYTHING!


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