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Is Elsa Coming Home?

I’m currently on a 4 hour train ride from Edinburgh, Scotland back to London… that should be reason enough to want to stay in London!! It only takes a few hours to get basically anywhere else in Europe or the UK!! I’m obsessed with the traveling aspect, even though we haven’t even traveled that many places during our short time here. But it was enough to know that I can get to anywhere I wanna go, whether it’s for a week, a couple of days or a weekend getaway!

Aside from the obvious, if I’m being honest, I would not be headed back home any time soon if it weren’t for internship commitments and the fact that I have to finish school in Minnesota. In fact, I have seriously considered finishing school here, that’s how much I love the environment and how passionate I feel about my career here! I’ve learned more in London in the past 3 months than I have at Minnesota in the past 3 years, it’s embarrassing how much more information is offered here, relating to my major and career. There’s also absolutely no judgement here, none whatsoever, no matter what you’re studying or going into, everyone is focused on themselves and completely supportive! And, oh my gosh, the opportunities are ENDLESS! Just the projects and exhibitions I was able to experience here gave me 10x more information than I’ve ever experienced at school in the states! I mean I went to an Alexander McQueen showroom and Menswear Fashion Exhibition at the V&A Museum sponsored by Gucci!

I also have never experienced school like I have here! I had 0 tests and nothing I had to study for! The only type of assignment we truly had at London College of Fashion were projects, projects where we put into use the information we had gathered from the class! Fashion Styling = 2 photo shoots where we had to style 8 looks for each photoshoot, having to be on trend and never repeating clothing! Trend Forecasting = creating trend boards, 2 trends per person, 4-6 pages each! British Cultural Studies = journal of information, photos, momentous we have gathered since taking the class! Fashion History and Artifact = an exhibition we have to create based on what we are passionate about related to a topic we learned in class! Visual Merchandising = a digital 3D floor plan of our own store and a physical window display for that store!

Every.Single.Class. Had a project that challenges our knowledge and skill, never once was I tested on useless information I would never need for my major. I think that’s the main reason I don’t want to go back to school in the states. I don’t want to learn in that environment, especially after experiencing what learning at London College of Fashion is like!!

Another plus to London is the immense amount of things you can do! Like seriously I feel like if I’m at home sitting on the couch that I should be up and out and doing something because there’s just so many things to do! That’s also a huge change from Minnesota, where the only thing to do, basically ever, is go out. It’s exhausting, boring and wayyyy too hyped up!!

I think the main reason I want to stay in London (and definitely end up here one day) is the feeling I have while I’m here. I feel so ACCEPTED for all of my choices. My creativity has flourished in more ways than one and being accepted for that is such an incredible feeling. I’ve found a newfound confidence within myself because of the environment and people I have been around for the past 3 months and I couldn’t thank any of them enough! This experience was something I never knew I needed and I am so grateful for what it’s taught me!

Please get out of your comfort zone! There is too much creativity and happiness you need to experience!


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Jul 08, 2022

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