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Hellllooooo everybody!! It’s been a hot minute since I have written a blog post but I am back with an update for y’all!

Junior year is up and running and it’s a mix of excitement, exhaustion and stress, of course! I don’t really think anyone was quite ready to get back into in-person classes for the first time in about 1.5 years, and I’ll be the first to tell you it’s definitely been an experience! Walking to class is so silly now because you see SO MANY new people.

Especially since I’m now a junior, I’m seeing sophomores and freshmen for the first time and it’s a lot of people to take in all at once. But, walking to class is definitely an enjoyable experience as long as the weather isn’t yucky. It was raining and chilly three days ago and all I wanted to do was curl back up into bed.

So yes, Zoom class definitely had it’s pros, time management and comfy clothes being two huge ones. Now, since I have to leave for class about 45 minutes early, that leaves 1.5 hours out of my day to be doing homework, working out, or doing literally anything else except class! But, like I said before, it’s enjoyable and it feels good to get some movement in before I’m sitting down for a 1.5 hour lecture! Plus, it’s so SO nice to just be around people again! Being a naturally social and outgoing person, the lack of human interaction during quarantine and intense pandemic times was making me feel all types of loneliness. Now, I’m surrounded by my favorite people again and a bunch of random people (who, most of the times, are actually kind of attractive guys!).

As for how I’m actualllyyy doing, I would most definitely say overwhelmed but also like I’m living my best life. That last part is also creds to my new tattoo that helps remind myself that I’m the main character of my life and if I don’t like something or someone then they can get the heck out of my life! Sorry, only growth happening over here in Elsa World!

But that first part, yeah that is thanks to school! Being in-person is definitely playing a huge role in my stress only because it’s still an adjustment I have to get used to! However, there is an upside to in-person because now events and concerts are happening again! Like Em’s going to the Harry Styles concert this weekend and Kate and I went to the Trippie Redd concert a few weeks ago. It was AMAZING!!! I have always loved concerts, but going after COVID was a completely different experience!

Another super super cool event I went to was the Golden Runway for Fashion Week in MN! It was so insane and I was lucky enough to help backstage with the sweetest, most genuine models. The magazine I work for was asked to put on a show with four brands/designers and it came together beautifully! I wish I could’ve watched it from the audience but being backstage was an experience within itself! This is the type of life I’m trying to create for myself and I’m just so thankful to have opportunities to experience what my life can be like!

So yeah yeah stress and school and work is always gonna be there but moments like concerts and fashion shows won’t be! Live in the moment and remind yourself that this is your life and nobody but you can decide how you should live it!!

(PS that was a reminder for myself!)



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