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I got another tattoo!

Soooo it’s just me this week becaaauusseee I thought it was finally time to tell you guys about a little fun thing I’ve been kinda, not really hiding!

I got another tattoo !! (oops!) Without telling mom and dad! (oops again!)

It’s the number 27 on the inside of my middle finger on my right hand!

For a while now, my best friend Caitlin and I have been talking about getting our second tattoos! Caitlin knew exactly what she wanted and I knew exactly where I wanted my next tattoo! I thought it would be really cool and special to have a tattoo on one of my fingers or my hand/wrist.

After talking with a friend about her sister’s finger tattoos, I decided I was 100% going to be getting a finger tattoo, and I had finally figure out what I wanted. I always knew I wanted to get a tattoo as a sentiment or appreciation for my family. A lot of ideas came to mind, but when I knew I wanted a finger tattoo, so I could always look down and remember how grateful and appreciative I was for my loving family, the perfect thing came to mind!

A short and simple idea that had hundreds of memories packed into a tiny tattoo! The number 27 is my “family’s number”! It was my dad’s hockey number growing up and throughout college and it became my sisters and I’s favorite number as we grew up! The number 27 is etched into everything in our lives! Disregarding how many times I already see the number 27, I knew that it was the perfect tattoo to place on the inside of my finger in appreciation of my family!

Also, bonus for you worried moms out there, you can barely see the tattoo since it’s on the inside of my finger! And it’s super easy to cover up with makeup!

Moving on, why I didn’t tell mom and dad! 1) I wanted it to be a surprise for them because it is basically a tribute to them! 2) They would’ve killed me if I told them! This way, I already have it on my body so they can’t tell me to not get it! I got the tattoo after Thanksgiving break and before winer break, however when I went home it was just me and my dad for a couple of days! I knew I wanted to tell him separately, in part because I didn’t think I could keep it a secret for more than a couple days and because I knew he would love it! After a day, I decided to tell him and he loved it!! He also didn’t really mind that you could see it, which I didn’t really think was a big deal either! My mom on the other hand was extremely hesitant at first but then grew to love it, location and all!

That’s the surprise!! I feel so happy to know that I will always be reminded how much I appreciate and how grateful I am for my amazing family!



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