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How to throw a no stress holiday party + first week of college finals

Jason and I just figured out that we have been having our annual holiday party for approximately 21 years! What??!! So let's just say we have learned a thing or two over the years and now know how to make this stress - free. For the most part anyway :)

Here is a little breakdown of how things have evolved and trust me, anyone can throw this party!


1. Handmade invitations...Evite

2. Made all of the food...when people offer to bring something we say YES

3. Cleaned the entire upstairs...I don't touch the upstairs EVER

4. Tried to keep food one really eats right away so most appetizers are room temperature, but no one seems to care so we have all of the food done before the party starts

5. Washed the floors...that would last about 2 minutes before someone spilled a drink, we save that for the end of the night

6. Used delicate wine I have a stash that is dishwasher safe so it can all go in the dishwasher

7. Went all out with decorations...simple, simple, simple, no need to have every Home Goods item and guess what - no one notices them :)

Here are a few other things I do to make it stress-free (pretty sure my mom gave me all of these great ideas!) I always keep a list of the menu and after the party I take notes on what people ate and whether or not to have it next year. I also take pictures of how I decorated so that I can remember how it looked (this is a game changer!)

And then the week of the party I make a list of what needs to be done and what day I need to do it. Just having it on paper takes A LOT of stress away. And usually by Friday I can relax a little and go get a mani/pedi lol. Of course on the day of the party I try to make as much food ahead of time as I can and it's a little chaotic, but I find joy in the chaos :)

I have FINALLY realized that no one is here to see my decorations or even my tree for that matter - they are here to see each other and celebrate the season with friends and all we are doing is opening the door :)



Sooooo finals week!!

I’m writing this at 3:17am so that kind of sums it up!

AHA I’m kidding (not about the timing though!) I’m not stressed for finals at all actually! This week and preparation for finals has been super chill and I’m really grateful my first college finals experience hasn’t been insane!! I only have one physical final exam! My math one on Friday from 12pm-3pm, but you bet I won’t be staying for the 3 hours!!!

Aside from math, I’ve finished every class this week! This weekend the girl gang and I got some prime time studying in, while of course having fun and relaxing before this stressful week!! On Monday I turned in my revisions for my final essay in university writing! I’m not going to lie, that was an odd situation because we turned in our final essay before thanksgiving, so I was already practically done with that class! And then also on Monday I had a regular math test on probability!! Tuesday I had my final Fashion and Feminism freshman seminar class; however, I do have an essay for that class due December 18th and your girl has not started it!! Whoops! I also finished my Fashion Ethics and Consumption class where we took our last exam!! Definitely ended strong in that class! And then today!! My last day of classes! I had my creative problem solving “final”! We took the “final” in class but it was honesty just like a normal test, even though we never had those in that class! I will not lie to you though, I’m so frickin happy I’m done with that weird class and the even more weird professor!!! I also had my last 6pm-8pm math class, just a final review session but no more night class woohoo!!!!

So yeah my first finals week in college had actually gone really really well! Definitely wish me good luck on my math final though, I’m not quite sure if I can last 3 hours for a test!! But seriously, the first semester of freshmen year is already done people! College is already moving way too fast! I’m so excited to be home but I am SO SAD I am leaving my sweet friends in Minnesota!!!!! But don’t you worry, the best girl gang WILL reunite over winter break!😉🧐 Hope everyone has an amazing week and for everyone reading this who do have finals, good luck!!!!!



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