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How to throw a Graduation Party

Ok let's be honest here...I have no idea how to throw a graduation party! This is my first one! But it can't be that hard right?? I already have lists upon lists upon lists - that's a good start???!!!!

I actually LOVE throwing parties. I love creating a space for my friends and family to come and hang out and just be together. I have learned over the years that it's not actually about the cute napkins, or decorations, or even the food ( I mean you have to have some but it does not need to be perfect!)...people just want to be in community.

So, where do we start? PINTEREST of course! I have been tagging lots of pictures and ideas to help get me started. For example a DESSERT BAR! Obviously! Elsa and I have already made a list of what desserts she would like because desserts are her thing! Here is a picture from my cousin's wedding a few years ago - soooo cute! And another one I found on Pinterest.

It's all about the different heights, so to create that look I headed over to Walmart's website and found lots of supplies to use for the dessert bar. Cake stands, cupcake holders, and 2019 toppers.

I thought this was a cute idea too with champagne glasses and cupcakes.

Speaking of Walmart, there is SO MUCH party stuff online that I found even more ideas. Take a look at these water bottle stickers and candy stickers.

Elsa and I talked about a color theme for her party and we decided on gold and white. These are not her school colors but let's think outside of the box and do whatever! Staying with that color theme, I found some fun decorations to use. Like paper pom poms to maybe hang in the trees outside and gold and white balloons. I also found fun letter balloons...most of these letter balloons can be blown up with air or you can take them into Party City and they will put helium in them for you.

Another idea I found on Pinterest was a table setting with flowers in it and then I thought of putting a picture of Elsa on some cardstock paper in the arrangement as well. Walmart has lots of options for vases so the centerpiece can be super simple.

It is easy to go with any color theme you want. I found these plates and napkins to go with the gold and white theme. I also found these cards that guests can write their advice in for Elsa - how cute is that???

And last but not least...what to wear???? I found this adorable lavender dress from Nordstrom and I am in love! I also found these cute shoes from Target that have a clear strap...cute! Elsa found this super cute mustard colored wrap dress from PacSun (this might be how we decided on the color theme - she's smart like that!)

Can't wait to get this party started! Let us know how you planned a graduation party (or any party for that matter!). Would love any advice and any ideas!



Thinking about it, it's kinda crazy that I'm throwing my own graduation party, like I'm the one that's graduating high school!

Lately I haven't really been thinking about graduation, like it hasn't hit me yet that I'm graduating in only a couple of weeks. I'm really glad this feeling hasn't hit me yet so I can still enjoy the time I have here with my family and friends.

Also, my mom has been asking me a ton of questions about my graduation party: what food should we cater? what desserts do we want there? what color theme do you want? And, honestly, for once, I really don't care!

I know this party is mainly for my family and friends, and of course I'm excited but I honestly don't care what food we cater or what color theme we have! I'm just excited to be there!

Obviously, I have made decisions on those questions and I'm very excited about them, but other than that I haven't really been involved in this planning process! And trust me, that's okay with me! My mom lives for this stuff so she's looking on Pinterest and getting ideas from friends and I'm like you go girl because I'm gonna stay out of this one!

I'm very thankful for my mama llam for planning this amazing party, and I am very excited but I'm not gonna lie, it's been super nice standing on the side lines for this one!

I can't believe that prom is already next week and I'm graduating so soon, but time flies when you're having fun, and trust me, high school has been a blast!



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