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Holiday Gift Guides...seriously???!!!!

Ok friends I have to be honest with you - I was starting to stress out when I saw all of these people posting their holiday gift guides - like two weeks ago!!!!! I mean I kept looking at my calendar to make sure it wasn't already December and I missed something.

I am the first to tell you that I love being organized and feeling ahead, but I swear Christmas is going to be starting in August pretty soon if we all don't just take a deep breath!!! So yes I felt the need to do a gift guide post, however, PLEASE don't stress out! Just look at it as a guide to get your list started. That's it. Your list. Black Friday is still 22 days away!!!!!!

Ok onto the fun stuff - I actually LOVE finding unique gift ideas and it's hard not to get into the holiday spirit once you start looking. So here are few gift guides to get you started...(you can click on any image to be taken to their website).

Let's start with the FUN GIFT GUIDE. My two favorite websites for these kind of gifts is Uncommon Goods and Etsy. I mean I think I am going to buy that Lionel Richie welcome mat because how can that not make someone laugh???? And I LOVE games - now I am not sure the last time I played a drinking game but why not???? (I'm too old says my brain!) And those rainbow bracelets are my favorite from Etsy - I wear them all the time. It's funny as I looked for gifts, I kept thinking "oh I need that!" Like that travel cord organizer!!!!

Next up is the FRIENDS/HOSTESS GIFT GUIDE. I LOVE these books from Etsy. What a great idea and so cute! Another fun idea is to find a cute kitchen towel and tie it around a heart wooden spoon. I mean I wish Alexa did my dishes AND laundry! LOL

So take a deep breath and enjoy the christmas music and all of the darn, annoying gift guides LOL!!!!!



Okay so CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

My friends and I literally went to Target on TUESDAY to get CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!! It was amazing!! Caitlin and I got Christmas window sticky’s but we’re going to put them on our door!! Our friend Hannah who looovveeesss decorating got a bunch of Christmas tinsel and lights and decorations! Her and her roommate Solveig also got 9 stockings, for all 9 members of our girl gang!! Needless to say, I’m super blessed to have these incredible girls in my life!! Anyway, I have already started making my Christmas list! As well as many other girls I know!! I mean why not? My nana and papa and grandma and grandpa already asked me what I wanted for Christmas so obviiouussslllyyy I need to start figuring it out!!

The college gift guide certainly depicts the items girls are asking for or already have here! The Air Force 1’s? They’re on literally every single girl’s feet… except mine!! But they’re popular, to say the least!

Okay and the Carharrt hat? I swear EVERY SINGLE PERSON has one of these! Once the weather started dropping, everyone started wearing them!! I wanted to order one so bad but dad brought one over Parent’s Weekend and graciously gave it to me!! So that’s checked off my Christmas List!!

The fuzzy chair rug, the card games, everything!! See I think the chair rug and the blanket will be perfect for my apartment next year! BUT now blankets are NEEDED here in the Minnesota cold! It’s just like Illinois but a litttllleee colder!! So the blankets are a definite must!!

Basically, gift guides are a must have!! They help figure out what people want for Christmas and gift ideas and definitely help Santa know which gifts to buy the little boys and girls! These gift guides especially help out, depicting college and teen and everything perfectly!! Ugh I can’t wait for Christmas! Oops I’m already forgetting about Thanksgiving but it’s okay because Christmas is just a litttllleee bit after that!! YAY!!!





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