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Holiday Gift Guides + Jentober

Well Jentober is just about over and my heart is so full of love and joy. It has been the most fabulous month and I will never forget the year I turned 50! Before we dive into the gift guides, I wanted to share a few photos of the most incredible trip to Mexico with the most amazing women.

We laughed, cried, told our stories and drank tequila. It was magical...

And if that wasn't enough awesomeness, this past weekend my parents and Elsa and Kate surprised me for the weekend and I had NO IDEA! Check out the video...

I have been blessed with the most incredible family and friends. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes - cheers to 50!!!!

Ok now onto the holiday gift guides - oh there are lots of goodies out there and apparently we need to start shopping early this year! Good Luck!

Happy Shopping friends!!!


2 Kommentare

31. Okt. 2021

Aww Jen it was the best :)

Gefällt mir

28. Okt. 2021

So special, I teared up when the garage door opened :). Can’t wait to look at the holiday gift guides!!

Gefällt mir
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