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Happy Birthday Coffee & Cannoli!

I really cannot believe it has already been a year since we launched this blog.  When I look back there is so much I have learned and yet there is SO MUCH I still have yet to learn.  This is probably one of the big reasons why I love it so much - the learning process.

Don’t get me wrong there are moments when the learning process is so frustrating...designing a website with ZERO graphic design/coding experience, changing your website because it’s not doing what you need it to do, designing a business card because apparently you need them, and I’m still learning how to hold my phone to take a decent selfie!  And yet it is so exciting when you figure out how to set up a page with links to help your readers shop, or when you figure out how to put something on your webpage that wasn’t there before. This part is crazy fun for me!

I have to admit that the writing part is where I struggle the most.  What should we write? Will they like it? Does it even make sense? How is my grammar?  But I have realized that you just have to JUMP IN and start! If I had let those thoughts take over at the beginning, this would never have happened.  So no I am not a writer, but I’m doing it anyway and apparently you awesome friends out there want to actually see what we have to say.

This overwhelms me the most - the encouragement from all of YOU!  I guess I never expected people to actually respond to this blog - sure our close friends and family would be supportive, but I am finding that you are all supportive.  The sweet texts you send us, the emails you send telling us that what we wrote really hit home or touched you in some way. I mean OMG! It means so much to us...this is our WHY.  To bring you joy in the middle of your week, to make you smile, to make you laugh, to tell you that you really need to shop on Amazon! I save every one of the notes you send us to remind us why we do this - because as Jenna Kutcher put it…”if you have one follower, you are an influencer”.  If what we write matters to one person, it matters.

My favorite parts about blogging…


~Finding the good stuff and letting you know

~going to my first blogging conference - best thing ever!

~getting to know Elsa even more - I don’t edit what she writes (unless she swears lol) and I love seeing her vulnerability

~getting my whole family involved in this adventure

~anticipating what could come of this blog

~learning...currently working on creating a Pinterest board...stay tuned

I cannot say THANK YOU enough for coming along on our journey - you truly are the BEST!

(PS - don’t forget to subscribe (located at the bottom of our website) to our email list by March 30th to be entered into our giveaway!)



I seriously can't believe it's been a year since my mama llam and I have started the blog! It feels like it has just started! At first, I was a little skeptical about starting a blog with my mom, not that I don't love her or anything, but it's not exactly the norm for high schoolers! But then again, nothing I really do is really the norm for high schoolers, so I went for it!

It's been such an exciting journey and I seriously need to give my mom a lot of grace for putting up with me because trust me, I am a difficult one. In the mornings I usually don't want to take outfit pictures, sometimes I forget to write the blog, a lot of times I forget to post on the story, but she puts up with me, thankfully! Although sometimes my mom gets really intense about the blog, I love her and I love doing it with her!

Some of my all-time favorite blog posts are:


~The Boyfriend Post


~Father's Day

This blog has been an adventure that's for sure, and I'm so glad I get to create these new and exciting experiences with my mama!


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