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Goodbyes, hellos, and everything in between...September recap

Phew! We did it! In just over 2 months we sold two homes and bought another one and I swear I am not moving ever again!

It has been such a roller coaster of emotions. Watching the girls say good bye to the lake house and the Cary house right before they went off to college was so hard and then Jason and I were so busy trying to get it all done, that we never really stopped until we were doing the final walk through of the Cary house and then we both lost it.

And then just like that we are filled with joy and excitement as we sit on our dock and watch the sunrise on the lake - truly amazing!

As I was packing up so many memories, I came across letters, birthday cards, etc. from some wonderful people and although there were so many great memories over the last 18 years, there was also some significant losses. These losses were hard and unexpected. And as I sat there it really hit me - oh my gosh this is what growth looks like! Growth is such an important part of life and although painful at times, it is what draws us closer to God and helps us become a better version of ourselves. And I believe growth looks different on everyone and it happens at different seasons in our lives.

And even though during that time, I was confused, hurt, unsure, and afraid, I was also courageous, and willing to look deeper into who I was, what I needed to do differently and what I needed to do to keep moving forward. As my sweet friend Jean always says, we are a work in progress ❤️

Ok time to switch gears and talk about everything else! LOL

First up - Walmart! They are killing it right now with so many great finds - here are my latest picks...this puffer vest!

And this quilted jacket...

I have a few more items coming in the mail, stay tuned!

I'm so into wide leg pants right now! Who's with me???? Love these from my Nuuly subscription...

Thanks for reading friends!

~Jen & Elsa xo


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