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Girls weekend at the U

I am too sad that this weekend is over!! Grandma and grandpa came up to visit and mama llam surprised me!!!! It was honestly such a great overall weekend with some of the people I love the most!

I had an amazing time showing grandma and grandpa around on Friday and sitting and talking at Caribou Coffee! It was a breath of fresh air to see them, plus I missed them very much!!

After our amazing day grandma and grandpa took me to dinner and mama llam surprised me there!! It was so amazing, I can’t believe she was literally the last one to see me since I’ve been gone! She stayed for the whole weekend and I’m so grateful because I frickin missed my mama! She met allll my friends on Friday and Saturday and it was amazing! She’s literally like a celebrity because all of my friends read the blog posts!

Mama llam and I went shopping (twice actually (sorry dad)) and ate some darn good food! And just caught up! We had a couple coffee shop dates and ice cream dates and the timing was abs perfect! I didn’t have too much homework so I could spend all my time focused on my mom!! I missed her so much and I miss my family so much too, I love Minnesota but it’s so hard being so far!

I’m so blessed to be here and have such an incredible family who loves and supports me!!

I’m also so blessed for my incredible new friends, a couple of them wrote about their experiences with my mama and I this weekend too! Go check them out!


Jen coming to spend the weekend was just as big as a surprise to me as it was to Elsa! She fits right into our friend group, i loved having her here, come back soon!

~Caitlin (my roommate)

I think I speak for the whole group when I say we all follow the blog very closely and we have been WAITING to meet Elsa’s mom since we got to school. It was so nice to have her here and to see how close her and Elsa’s relationship is. She is definitely one of the coolest moms, and people I’ve met, and she is ALWAYS welcome down at the U. We had such a fun weekend with both of them!!


First of all, Jen might be one of the coolest moms I have ever met!! It was so fun to hang out with her this weekend and show her around the U. Spyhouse Coffee was amazing and it was so fun to have a girl gang coffee date! 



Originally Jason was supposed to be out of town this past weekend and then his plans changed and I was like, "I'm outta here! I'm going to surprise Elsa!"

What a super fun weekend just being with heart is so full :) And I LOVE Minneapolis! Such a great city with so much energy even with the snow. LOL.

Meeting her new friends was such a joy and of course they all exude "Minnesota Nice". Had so much fun hanging with all of them and getting coffee together. LOTS of adorable coffee shops in Minneapolis - I was in heaven.

Sometimes it's weird to think that Elsa is living this completely different life away from home and then at the same time it is so beautiful to see. Watching her with her friends, watching her navigate the city, watching her manage her studies, apparently they really can do this without us :) I mean the only thing that caught her off guard this past week was when she had to fill out the paperwork when she went to the doctor and she couldn't remember how to spell her middle name. Hilarious. You kind of forget the things you do as a mom, but guess what? They can do it!!!!

Looking forward to parent's weekend in a couple weeks - I guess I have to share Elsa with Jason this time, but I am pretty sure the frats only let girls in (and moms) LOL :). See you soon girl gang!



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