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Favorite Shows To Watch NOW

Favorite shows woohoo!!!

Okay I’m gonna be honest, I kinda stopped watching TV/Netflix almost permanently after I started getting into BTS because there is just SO. MUCH. content from them! But don’t worry, don’t worry, I still have some pretty insane recommendations!

1) Bridgerton- yeah the classic! I started it after my friends recommended it over our Florida vacation! I didn’t know how I would feel about it because it was placed in the Victorian era but boy oh boy did I misjudge that! Yes, it’s a little formal but it is SO GOOD!!! I loved the plot and the characters and really everything about it, highly recommend!

2) Selling Sunset- okay yes, reality tv ew and if you’re not a reality tv girl then maybe don’t watch this but I was hooked! I think part of it definitely has to do with the homes that were millions of dollars that they were selling! Very drama but also very intriguing and fun to see the crazy houses! And the new season starts this month!

3) The Wilds- okaayyyyyy so I may have literally a couple of hours ago just watched the first three episodes but... dayum! My friend Pookie recommended it and I’m just going to give you her description: “ All these girls going on a retreat get in a plane crash and they’re on an island and every episode we learn about the girls and they all have different issues and secrets and then u see that the plane crash was simulated omg not spoiler that is all in the first episode but it’s too good to explain” yeah... we recommend!

4) YELLOWSTONE- OMG!! Okay my dad and I binge watched this over winter break and it was CRAY-ZY!! It’s about a rancher who is trying to save his ranch which is around 700,000 acres! There’s drama but it’s gooodddd drama, not some petty crap like reality tv! It’s also intense like murder and guns and horses and revenge! I would 1000% recommend to literally anyone!

To be honest, that’s all I have! I know it’s not much but I don’t want to recommend bad tv to you guys and these are the only good things I’ve watched in the past months!! PLEASE watch and let us know how you liked them!!



Well a year ago today we were watching every show under the sun while being locked up in our house LOL! And truthfully that might have started a bad habit of binge watching TV - I mean how else were we supposed to get through winter???!!!!

Ok here are my favorite shows to watch now...

Goliath - man I haven't seen Billy Bob Thornton on TV in awhile and he does not disappoint - this is sooooo good!

Firefly Lane - best friends with LOTS of drama - I'm in! And they pull you in by showing scenes from the future and then a cliff hanger at the end - can't wait for the next season!

Ted Lasso - Ok this is HILARIOUS!!! Football coach turned soccer coach with Jason Sudeikis - you will laugh out loud!

Bloodline - another binge worthy show! Jason and I loved it and all of the family drama! So good!

What is your favorite show right now???? Thanks for reading!



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