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Favorite Podcasts

I am a HUGE fan of podcasts. Whether you are looking for inspiration, wisdom or just a good laugh, podcasts are a quick and easy way to get all these things! Here are a few of my on their picture to go directly to their podcast page.

One of my number ones! Jen Hatmaker brings some incredible guests on her podcast and I learn something every time I listen. Here is a link to one that will make you laugh out loud!

If you listen to the podcast I just linked above, you will automatically sign up to listen to Melissa Radke. This woman is HILARIOUS and so real! You will be saying "Amen Sista!"

Love this idea of a podcast about "Going Scared", taking risks, going for it, empowering your gifts. Jessica Honegger is the founder of Noonday Collection (making jewelry and accessories by partnering with some of the world's most vulnerable communities - AMAZING!). Check her out! This was one of my favorites

And you can NEVER go wrong when anyone interviews BOB GOFF!

This man knows how to pack some serious wisdom in only 30 minutes!

Andy Stanley is an amazing leader of a church in Georgia, he is definitely one to follow.

And last but certainly not least is Rachel Hollis. This woman is my inspiration. Building her own company with hard work, determination, and grit - she motivates me everyday to keep moving forward and dreaming those big dreams because they WILL come true!


Well, I don't listen to Podcasts...yet, however here is a few of my favorite YouTuber's that I watch. These young women are interesting, fun, and always entertaining. Just click on their photo for a link to their YouTube page.

~Elsa (hey quick shout out to follow us on Instagram!)

Summer McKeen

Emma Chamberlin

Sydney McGee


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