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Favorite places to SHOP!

Shopping!  Yes I really love to shop and shop and shop.  And I am a sucker for a good deal so as much as I love certain stores - I am always on a mission to find my items cheaper :).  If money was not an issue, I would buy EVERYTHING at ANTHROPOLOGIE! It is my favorite store and I love how unique it is - this is a store that you must buy things at during Black Friday and Cyber Monday because it seems to be the best time to find everything on sale.

Ok now let’s get back to reality and take a look at TARGET - my next favorite store.  I am amazed at how far they have come in the clothing and shoe department - lots of choices and as far as I can tell, really good quality for the price.  I will never forget the first day all of my girls were at school full time and I went to Target and spent the entire day there with no kids - it was magical - it really is my happy place.

Next up is NORDSTROM RACK.  You cannot go wrong here - especially in the shoe department.  I look at it as Nordstrom on a budget with a lot of top brands at amazing prices.  And speaking of NORDSTROM, I love ordering online from them as they have free shipping and free returns and their items go on sale A LOT.  Pretty sure I have not bought anything full price there and they have AMAZING deals during their anniversary sale in July. I just ordered a bunch of stuff and it was no problem returning what didn’t work out - the free return shipping is a game changer for me.

These are definitely my go to stores, but I also enjoy shopping at ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, AMERICAN EAGLE and how about those random finds at SAM’S CLUB or COSTCO?!

What is your favorite place to shop at?  Let us know in the comment section! And a quick shout out to my mom for giving me this wonderful gene!  LOL



Black Friday was only a couple of days ago and I find it only fitting if I talk about my favorite stores at the moment and some great finds I found during my 7 hour day at Mall of America!!

To get things started, clothes have made me so SO happy in the last year or so! So yeah, put me in the largest mall you can find for 7 hours and I’ll be happy (as long as I can use your credit card!!)! Mall of America has a huge variety of stores to shop at, I mean, makes sense, it’s the Mall of America! But, no matter what mall I’m at, I always love shopping at:

Although there’s only four of them, these are my favorite stores to shop at at the moment!

PacSun has been my favorite store for a while now! They hold the brand Brandy Melville which is a personal favorite of mine and very popular for teen clothing! I just love the amount of clothes and styles PacSun has to offer, I could literally spend all day in there! (And if you give me your credit card, I could use all of your money, no doubt about it!) PacSun has a great amount of denim as well and they had a buy one get one free deal this Black Friday and you bet I sprinted into that store! I got two new pairs of jeans, obviously for the price of one! PacSun has my heart, that is for sure!!

As for the rest of these stores, they add to my clothing collection piece by piece! I love Urban Outfitters and Lululemon a lot but their price range for clothing is a litttllleeee bit higher than mine! And Nordstrom Rack always has amazing deals but I never think to stop in there for a good amount of time!

What really influences where I shop and what I buy is the people I follow on social media and Instagram influencers! Whenever I’m trying to figure out an outfit for school or for an event I’ll scroll through my Instagram or Pinterest feed to try and match an outfit of mine to one I’ll see! It’s super helpful and has helped me create my own personal style!! Honestly, I’m just thankful I get the opportunity to shop as much as I do (even though it might be a little much!)!



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